Rab Se Hai Dua 6th July 2024 Written Update

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Rab Se Hai Dua 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Gulnaaz says to Mannat who took that video and sent to the police? Mannat says that she took that video. She thought to use it later. Now, she got the opportunity to use it against Hameeda. She pretends like saving her to get a good name in front of everyone. She understood one thing that Subhan still loves her. He hates Ibadat. She is also hates her. Ibadat’s mom Gazal snatched her mom’s happiness. She will make her pay for it. Gazal snatched Haider from Dua. She will snatch Ibadat’s husband from her. She will make her pay for her mom’s tears. She will make sure that Subhan give divorce to Ibadat and marry his first love Mannat. Kaynaat says that she will support her in this. She was waiting for this moment. She wanted to take revenge on her for her brother’s death. She waited for someone to support her. She has to take revenge on Ibadat for Gazal’s deeds. Mannat promises to her that she will ruin Ibadat’s life. She will make her life hell. Subhan loves her. Dua’s daughter Mannat. Ibadat isn’t her daughter.

Mannat says that she did a mistake for not realising Subhan’s love. She will definitely get him back in her life. Subhan is hers. Gazal craved for Haider’s love. Ibadat will also crave for Subhan’s love. Mannat says that he will marry again to her. Kaynaat says that it’s not easy. Subhan and Ibadat are united. Gulnaaz says that she heard weird sounds from their room. She talks about her past. Mannat laughs hearing it. Mannat says that nothing happened between them as a husband and wife. Ibadat is a boring person. She isn’t suit for such things. She takes them from there to prove it. Dua asks Hameeda why did she talked like that to Mannat. Hameeda says that she tried to make her stay away from Ibadat. Mannat is a cunning person. She may have some reason to save her.

Meanwhile, Mannat shows to Kaynaat and Gulnaaz that Ibadat, Subhan sleeping separately. Mannat says that nothing happened between them. Their bed is wet. Even water is on the floor. Gulnaaz says that it’s not time to play Holi. Mannat says that Subhan still loves her. This relationship won’t last long. This is a weak relationship. Its easy to break their relationship. She is going to ruin Ibadat’s sleep. Kaynaat asks her to share her plan with them. Mannat denied it. Meanwhile, Hameeda says to Dua that she fears that past will repeat again. Mannat may try to snatch Subhan from Ibadat like Gazal. Dua asks her how could she compare Mannat with Gazal. She is her daughter. Both Mannat and Ibadat are sisters. They won’t harm each other. Hameeda asks her then why did Mannat tried to take Ibadat’s life. Hameeda says that she failed to upbring her in well manners in some way. She shouldn’t snatch Ibadat’s happiness. She asks her to keep an eye on Mannat. Meanwhile, Mannat wears her night wear. She plans to use her sleepwalking to ruin Ibadat’s sleep. Mannat notices Ibadat goes to the washroom. She sleeps beside Subhan. Ibadat separates Mannat from his side and she lays beside him. Subhan creates a scene and goes to the washroom. Mannat lies to Ibadat that she came here in sleep. Ibadat consoles her. She asks her to leave before Subhan notice her.

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