Parineetii 9th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 9th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 9th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Rakesh points a gun at Sanju and is about to shoot him but Pari sees that and stands in front of him. She runs from there so he goes behind her. Sanju feels uneasy and tells Pami that he will go and check on Pari.

Rakesh comes behind Pari, he asks what are you doing? Pari says I saw you trying to shoot Sanju but don’t you dare. Daljeet comes there too. Rakesh says you won’t be saved today. He points a gun at her but Pari pushes them away and runs from there.

Sanju is looking around for Pari and screams for her. He says what if she is in trouble?

Pari is running away from Rakesh and Daljeet, she hides in a mandir. They come there and look around for her. Rakesh asks her to come out, she has to die today. Daljeet asks him to call his goons but Rakesh has lost his phone. They both argue with each other. Neeti comes there and asks where is Pari? Rakesh says she ran away. Neeti says you both are fools, Rakesh says stop shouting at us. Neeti says you let her go? she tells Rakesh that anyone in your place would have killed Pari by now and this Daljeet is a useless member of the family that’s why even his mother disowned him. Daljeet says enough, I am not your servant. Remember I helped you earlier also. I made the video in the lake when you drowned. If Pari hadn’t gone to the court then you wouldn’t have been able to take her side and save her.. you wouldn’t be here today then. Rakesh says I have helped her so much, I even helped her in killing Pari’s baby. Neeti tells them to stop it, once Pari dies then all our worries will be gone. Pari hides and hears all that. Daljeet and Rakesh go to look for Pari.

Scene 2

Gurvindar and Bebe are waiting for others. Daljeet comes there and says Pari ran away, we couldn’t find her. Bebe says we have to find her at any cost.

Neeti enters the mandir, Pari comes there and slaps her hard. Neeti tries to attack her but Pari says enough.. I break my relationship with you. You can never be my friend, you are trying to kill me. Neeti says I have tried many times but you get saved every single time. I hate you so much. Pari is shocked and says I always took your side, I sacrificed so much for you, I trusted you blindly but you are a snake. Neeti says you are the real snake, you broke my marriage, threw me out of the house and took my Sanju. He loves me, he always loved me. Pari says you might be his first love but I am his love for life, he wants to be with me. Neeti says its a lie but the truth is that he loves me, he will marry me. Pari says he will never marry me. I will prove you wrong. I am going to marry Sanju right here and you won’t be able to do anything. Neeti says you are mistaken, he won’t marry you. Pari says he loves me so much, he wants to be with me for lives unlike with you. Neeti says he lied to you. He told me to come here because he wants to marry me. You have to die for my peace. He doesn’t want you near him. Pari says I will tell him the truth, I will tell him that you killed our baby and tried to kill me many times. I will tell him you lied to us all. I am ending our friendship today. She leaves from there. Neeti thinks she has to stop her. She grabs Pari and hits her on the head. She says our relationship will end here for sure. She hits her head on the pillar. Pari gets injured and falls down. Neeti says I don’t believe in the Lord and its not going to save you now. She tries to leave but Pari stops her and takes Mata’s trishul. She says Sanju is mine and will always be mine. Neeti says I will marry him and you won’t be able to do anything. She turns to leave but Pari hits her on the head and Neeti faints. Pari goes to find Sanju.

The episode ends.

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