Krishna Mohini 9th June 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 9th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 9th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid and Mohan going. Krishna says sorry, I feed like this when Mohan doesn’t eat food. Aryaman asks are you a goon, am I Mohan. She says no, eat the food and have coffee. He says thanks for coffee and sandwich, I was really hungry. She smiles and goes. Sid gets Mohan to his room. He introduces Mohan to his friends. His friends drink and dance. Mohan says I will go. Sid says they asked you to have burger and pizza, not drinks, you can tell me if you want to eat anything, I m your friend, have it. Mohan nods. Sid tells something to a girl. Krishna says I will give a sandwich to Mohan also. The girl says you are so cute, we shall dance, come. Mohan pushes the girl away. Sid asks what’s all this, she wants to befriend you. Mohan says no, I don’t like to hug girls, I don’t like girls. Krishna looks on. Sid asks what do you mean. Mohan says I mean I don’t like girls getting close, I will go and study. Sid says relax, no one will touch you, come, we will dance. Mohan holds Sid’s hand. Krishna comes and stops Mohan. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was hungry. She says you could have told me. He says you were busy feeding the food to Aryaman. Sid asks her to relax, nothing wrong happened. Krishna asks him to stay in limits. She warns him. She takes Mohan along. Sid asks his friends to enjoy the party. Sid thinks Mohan is strange, once I get to know this truth then I will use him to throw you and Aryaman out of this house. Krishna gets Mohan to the room and packs his clothes. She says we will not stay here, we will leave from here, because of you, you aren’t listening to me, you told Sid you don’t like to be with girls, you might tell him that you want to become a girl, Sid wants a chance to target us. He says he is nice, he is my friend. Krishna says he will tell everything to the family. Mohan says we will talk to them, they will understand. She says they will throw you out of the house, this family shattered because of you, I won’t let you ruin Aryaman’s respect, its enough, we will go from here. He refuses. He says I won’t go, I m not doing wrong, look at Anuradha, she has changed her gender and she is a college professor, nothing bad will happen with me if I become a girl, I won’t step back now. She says you have to agree with me, else you will find me dead. Krishna holds his hand and takes him. They go to the door to leave. They see Sid and his friends coming. They hide. Krishna asks Mohan not to make any sound for her sake. Sid shuts the door and turns to go. Mohan drops a vase to stop Sid. Sid comes to see. He doesn’t see them. He picks the vase and goes. Krishna asks Mohan to come.

She prays and says I have to take Mohan from here, so that Aryaman and the family don’t face the world’s questions, and Mohan shouldn’t become a joke. Her dupatta gets stuck there. She recalls her grahpravesh. She thinks sorry Aryaman, I had no other way than this. She leaves with Mohan. Mohan says think about Aryaman once, he will feel bad. She says we are going so that he doesn’t feel bad. She opens the gate. A car comes. Aryaman gets down the car. He sees them. Mohan smiles. Aryaman takes them home. Everyone asks Krishna why was she leaving and what does she want. Krishna says we want to leave from here. Srijala asks why do you want to get us defamed. Pia and Isha ask Krishna the problem. Anshuman says Krishna likes to do a drama everyday. Meghna checks Krishna’s bag. She says maybe she has stolen something, just thieves run at night. Aryaman stops her. Mohan sees the band. Meghna says let me check. Aryaman scolds her and asks her to go to her room. She leaves. He puts the things back in the bag. Krishna says we are becoming a burden on you. He says you both are my responsibility, not a burden. Ananya says let them go, we will hide this matter from the media. He says I m not embarrassed with them, they won’t go anywhere. He asks Mohan to keep the bag in the room. He takes Krishna to his room. He asks her to say the truth, what’s bothering her, she can’t get scared and run away. Aryaman says I know you won’t feel comfortable to say in front of them, its just me here, you trust me, you can tell me the matter, I will understand. She asks why, what’s our relation, of love or friendship, I told you, I don’t want Mohan and I will become a burden on you. He holds her close and says everything was fine 2 days back, you are hurt that I signed the divorce papers. She says yes, its hurting me. She cries.

The episode ends

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