Pehredaar Piya Ki 23rd August 2017 Written Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 23rd August 2017 Written Update by Simmy

Pehredaar Piya Ki 23rd August 2017 Written Episode

Diya agrees to take CT’s test of running house for 15 days after Ratan makes her realise that CT could be doing this so she is prepared to run hotel. Ratan says he will go and tell CT. Diya says they will go together. Diya comes to CT’s room. Ratan waits outside and hears from there. Diya says she accepts her challenge, but if she manages to win, then CT will have to start talking to Ratan like she used to. CT agrees. Diya goes outside and Ratan is happy. CT tells Bhuvan Diya at least wants to learn. Diya hears this and hopes she is able to learn. Ratan and Diya leave. Bhuvan tells CT, she will learn when CT will let her. CT just stays quiet.

Aayush’s mum, Nitya, advices him to become favourite of Diya instead being rude to her. He refuses to butter Diya.

The lawyer
receives a call from Hukum (villain) and informs him about this challenge. The lawyer says that’s good, Diya will stay busy in that and they can do their work. He says he will try from his side what he can do, but asks Hukum to check Diya’s phone. She must have called the lab. From lab number, they can find out which lab she used.

Ratan gives a gift to Diya for accepting challenge. Diya in return gives him a chocolate. He says he doesn’t like it and brings the one that he likes. Diya says she doesn’t like it. He asks what she will do in Switzerland as all chocolates are similar. Diya says they can’t go Switzerland now as she has to take CT’s test. He says he will talk to CT that test can be after they come back. Diya says there is time to give test, they can’t give after. Ratan gets angry, but Diya manages to convince him saying if he helps her in test and she passes it, then all will praises him.

Next morning, when Diya is busy preparing milk for Ratan, someone enters her room and tries to steal her phone. But Ratan comes there and the thief fails.

Later, Diya comes down and gives cheques for everyone to Aayush. Aayush distributes those cheques. Everyone gets happy. Aayush then asks CT to fill in monthly expense in a cheque to run house. CT informs everyone that Diya is going to run house for 15 days, so she should fill the amount herself. Everyone is shocked. Ratan says this is so Diya is prepared to run hotel after 15 days. Nitya asks what if she fails. Ratan says then Diya will hand over power of attorney to CT. Everyone, especially Nitya, is shocked. Sakshi says that is why CT has kept party after 15 days as she will be the owner of all properties. CT says party is because of best hotel award that Maan Singh won. CT then tells Diya they just talked about running house, not money. She can use whatever money she wants. Nitya gives some gestures to someone. Diya thinks her mother was managing house in 1 lakh, so here maybe 2 lakh. She says 2 lakh should be enough for the expense? Everyone laughs. Shivani asks from where has she come? Diya looks on.

Precap: Diya and Ratan are in kitchen’s store room, checking some containers. Jumki informs Hukum about keeping some rocks there. Rocks are about to fall on Ratan’s head and Diya sees it.

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