Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 6th August 2017 Written Update

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 6th August 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 6th August 2017 Written Episode

Chandrakantha cries holding Virendra’s doll. Tej and Chapala take their original form and run towards her. She cries Virendra became doll. Shivdutt sees Chandrakantha and angrily tries to walk towards her, but Shyamala stops him. Tej asks Chandrakantha if Yaksha Raj did tell anything. Chandrakantha says Bavani, only Bavani can help them. Tej says it is difficult to find Bavani, Bavani used to love a princess and learnt 21 skills, when he was learning 21st skill, it backfired and even princess left him, since then nobody saw him. Shyamala takes Shivdutt with her. At palace, Ratnaprabha with her magic tries to see where Chandrakantha and Virendra are, but cannot. She tells Padvika that their children are in trouble. Padvika hopes they are safe. Shivvdutt scolds Krur Singh it all
happened because of him. Krur says his sister-in-law Soundarya created problem, what did he do. Shyamala says it is not a time to argue, they should find Bavani soon.

Tej with Chapala takes Chandrakantha to a dilapidated place where he became ayyar. They search something. Chandrakantha opens a trunk and gets afraid seeing a midget sleeping there. Midget wakes up and asks who woke him up. He sees Tej and asks what is he doing here after a long time. Tej says he came to search something special and informs him about Bavani. Midget says if he informs them about Bavani, Bavani will kill him, he is very dangerous, he will not let them leave and will kill them slowly. Tej Singh holds his throat. Midget says he can kill him, it is better to die at once. Chandrakantha asks him to leave midget and says midget that everyone has right to live with love, she is losing her love and will get it back at any cost. She walks with Tej and Chapala when midget stops him and says he will help her.

Shyamala takes Shivdutt, Krur, Nazim, and Ahmed to her gurumaa’s cave. Gurumaa changes from scorpion to human and tries to eat Ahmed and Nazim, but Shymala stops her. She asks to tell where Bavani is. Gurumaa says Bavani is very powerful and he can come here. Shyamala says she wants him to come here. Guruma asks why. Shivdutt says he wants Bavani to change back Virendra’s doll to human and get talismi powers. Gurumaa asks what she will get. He says he will give her best human to eat each day. She says he cannot break his promise and agrees to help.

Midget tells Chandrakantha that the have to walk a long way and to promise they will protect him first when danger attacks them. Chandrakantha agrees. He says it is a long way and they have to arrange transport for him. Chapala says they have only 3 horses. He says he will travel will travel with Chandrakantha. Chapala warns him to be in his limits. Tej says he can travel with him. Midget says he will strangulate his neck from behind. Chandrakantha says Tej will not. They travel on horses via samshan/burial ground and ghosts haunt them. Chandrakantha gets afraid. Tej fights with ghosts. Midget says he told it is very dangerous route and real picture is still remaining. They continue traveling. Midget gets tired and says he needs food. Tej brings him vegetables. He says he needs meat and gets rabbit. Chandrakantha pleads him not to kill innocent animal and let it go. Midget leaves animal and get food and says it was bland, he will go and rest in tent. Chapala says it is rajkumari’s. He insists. Chandrakantha lets him. He runs to tent. Chapala asks Chandrakantha to sleep on her bed outside. Shivdutt with team reaches there and says he will get Virendra’s idol silently. He walks into tent. Shivdutt thinks he will get idol and talisman for himself. He sees Chandrakantha’s feet and says he has seen these beautiful feet and touches it. Chandrakantha wakes up and shouts. Tej gets up to rescue Chandrakantha. Drama continues.

Precap: Midget tells Chandrakantha that their destiny is on the other side of fire river. Chandrakantha she will cross it. Midget praises her courage. Shivtutt orders Shyamala to break mountain and create a way for them. Virendra’s idol falls and Tej shouts Rajkumari ji.. Chandrakantha jumps to catch idol.

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