Pukaar 24th June 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 24th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 24th June 2024 Written Episode

Rageshwari tells Degvijay how Sagar is thinking Dayal would get the bail but it will happen when Vedika reaches the court, Rageshwari orders the criminals to kill Vedika and he assures that she will not reach the court, they start following Vedika as she leaves from her house and trap her.

In the Maheshwari Mansion, Saraswathi informs about Jhanvi and Yamini explaining she will open it when they both return and this is why she is still alive, Vedika not being able to hold herself hugs Saraswathi tightly who also embraces her, Vedika says she feels that her daughters would return to her, Saraswathi does not know that one of the knot has opened so asks Vedika to not cry as she made her sad, Saraswathi replies she feels good after talking to her.

Sagar enters the dining area and sees the dishes on the table, he going to Saraswathi says it is not fine as she made the dish and did not feed him, Saraswathi smiles when Vedika replies she had a lot to eat so Sagar says it was his right, Saraswathi informs both Sagar and Jhanvi liked it and would fight it, Saraswathi says that Sagar would say he is older so it is his right while Jhanvi would say that Sagar already has eaten it a lot more then her, Vedika replies that she would have used the same logic, Sagar turning starts staring at her and then asks Vedika if she prepared for the case, Vedika replies that he brought her here when Sagar asks her to come out, Saraswathi apologizes to Vedika saying she must not feel bad as he also gets tensed while talking of Jhanvi, Saraswathi leaves.

Sagar asks Vedika if she knows about the honorable judge for the case tomorrow, Vedika says that his name is Mr Mansoor Khan, Sagar asks her to not be tensed and fight the case, Vedika also says that sometimes anger clouds the judgment when he asks what does she mean, she replies she knows he does not like his father a lot, Rageshwari tells Degvijay that Vedika is just like Saraswathi and is manipulating Sagar Degvijay vows to not let her stay alive, Rageshwari says that his mistake from twenty years ago is still causing problems for them. Rageshwari says that Sagar seems very confident when Vedika is advising Sagar but he leaves after getting the call. Rageshwari thinks that Sagar feels Dayal would get bail but it would be possible if she reaches the court, she asks Degvijay to go and call Himat, Rageshwari think about how Sagar stood up for Vedika and so exclaims that she is sorry in advance for what Vedika is going to suffer.

In the morning the mother of Vedika brings the Parshad for her while her father also brings the coat for her, Vedika says she should first get the bail for Dayal, she then prays to GhatuSham jee for strength before leaving, advising her parents to take the medicine and that her mother just needs to perform the Tarkha on the dal. Vedika walking out of the house assures she would be fine as there is not any nervousness and she is confident. Vedika sits on her scooty to leave while Himat is sitting in the car as they start following her.

Saraswathi opens the wardrobe to see the photo of Gautham along with Jhanvi and Yamini, she places flowers in front of his photo wishing him Happy Birthday, she exclaims he would be angry with her as she did not fulfill the promise that she made to him twenty years ago, she recalls the accident and explains she was not able to find their daughters but she tried a lot and she never lost hope, Saraswathi says she makes two sweaters each year and this year the two she made have been gifted to two girls named Vedika and Koyal, while the sweater is a perfect on Vedika and she is sure it will also fit Koyal, Saraswathi says she feels their daughters are very close to them and she prays they just remain fine, she waves at Gautham before closing te wardrobe.

Himat is following Vedika in the car and they manage to trap her on a road, Himat gets a call from Degvijay so he assures that Vedika would not reach the court. The cars are finally able to block the way of Vedika who wonders why are they following her. They all get out of their circle to form a circle around Vedika, Himat then finally steps out, Vedika sees him in the back view mirror realizing he is the criminal of Degvijay so she prays to GhatuSham jee, Vedika tries to ride away but is stopped by Himat, his men start laughing at her which worries Vedika even more. They all get stunned hear someone whistle, Sagar coming from the back warns them to not even think about touching the girl, Himat orders his men to walk away informing he is the son of Degvijay, Sagar starts staring at Vedika asking her to get behind him, he sits at the front seat of the scooty before riding away with her. Himat thinks that the father orders them to stop the girl while the son rescues her.

Vedika asks Sagar to stop the scooty telling that he cannot ride without the helmet when Vedika asks what if the traffic police catch him, Sagar says it will ruin his hair, Sagar then stops his car asking if she thought that he will go to the court in this scooty and even says if she thinks he will give her a lift, explaining he is going to cut her salary if she gets late to the court. Vedika is thinking about all the times when Sagar helped her, she thinks she has to reach the court in a hurry and wonders if they are not following her, she once again starts riding away, Sagar sees Vedika so orders the driver to follow her, Vedika stops the scooty at the parking in the court where Sagar is still waiting, he is glad she reached the curt.

Degvijay gets furious at Himat and so slaps him, Rageshwari says that it is not his fault and had he not stopped then Sagar might have gotten hurt, Degvijay it would have been good if he had left for London, Rageshwari asks Degvijay about the news from the court.

Koyal asks Sudha aunt to not be worried as Vedika would return very soon, Vedika coming gets excited to inform how they have won the case and Dayal je got the bail, Sudha tries to touch the feet of Vedika when she says Sudha is calling her daughter but still touching the feet Sudha says that they got the bail after twenty years, Vedika informs that it would still take one or two days for Dayal jee to be released but she can go and meet him. Koyal brings tea for Vedika and then they start laughing, Vedika says that now she is going to find the secret hidden in the past.

Precap: Pandit jee gives the Jhal to Rageshwari, Koyal and Vedika stop Saraswathi as she drops her keys, the three of them enter together while the pandit jee reveals they will surely meet.

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