Suhagan Chudail 24th June 2024 Written Update

Suhagan Chudail 24th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Suhagan Chudail 24th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Deya tries to look for other parts of the idol. Nishi strangles Hari. His neck bleeds. Deya fixes the leg of the idol. Nishi falls. She can’t move. Moksh comes and looks for Deya. He sees blood outside. He says what is this? Nishi hides. Moksh finds an earring. He looks for Deya. He is worried for her. Deya keeps fixing the idol. Moksh looks around for her. Nishi hides and goes towards the other side. Moksh says who is it? Nishi throws a snake towards him.

Deya finds the head of the idol. Hari runs in the desert. Deya fixes the head of the idol. She’s shocked. Nishi says who found my idol. Who is doing all this? She gets angry. She comes to the dessert. Hari runs. Moksh also comes there. He looks for Deya. A sandstorm rages. Deya is about to fix the head on the body. A kid comes and stops her. Deya says how did you come in? He says don’t fix the head. Otherwise, Nishiganda will come here using her idol. We hid it in pieces so this idol can never made again. Don’t do this. Hari looks for DEya. He sees Moksh. Nishi locks him in a circle so Moksh can’t hear him. A falcon carries Hari.

Deya says I don’t know what’s happening with me. I feel like both Moksh and Baba are in trouble. The kid says this is your battle and you have to fight it. I will help you. Deya asks who are you?

Scene 2
Moksh finds Nishi. He says what are you doing here? She says you won’t believe but when I came there I saw a witch’s inverted feet there. Moksh says I saw the same thing. I was so confused. Did you go near it? When I went near it some snakes surrounded me. There are no snakes in this area. She hugs him and says I am so scared. The witch.. Moksh says there is no such thing. You know this could have been someone teasing us. He says this is all mythical. I don’t believe in all this. he says did you hear someone shouting? I felt something bad happened. I was looking for Deya. I was so worried. Nishi says is it so difficult to forget her? He says no I was just worried. he says you’re my love. She’s just an old friend. He leaves with nishhi.

Deya asks why should I trust you? he says trust me I wanna help you. I know what you did. He gives her a flower. He says if you defeat the evil powers of this palace. My village is safe until that with comes there. deya says make me meet your dadu saa. He says he died fighting evil powers. She says, Nish. The kid says don’t take her name. Nishi wonders what’s happening. she tries to see who is trying to connect with her. She can’t see. The kid says we broke her head so she can’t hear. if you fix it she can hear us. Deya says I have to defeat her. The kid says she’s suhagan chudail.

Josna stops Nishi. She asks where were you two? you both won’t go anywhere until Haldi happens. Rachna says nishi come help us with the decor. We didn’t have time to prepare. Nishi says Moksh can we do haldi on the terrace? Josna says no. We will do it inside the house. go and get ready.

Deya asks te kid about suhagan chudail. He says I will help you when I feel like you can. What do you want? She says I don’t have anything. The kid leaves.

Scene 3
Vishter says to Nishi witches get ready for sacrifice, not pooja. If that pooja haldi gets to you, you’d burn. Josna comes there. She says Nishi why are you not ready? And who is this man? She says he’s my cousin. He got excited when he got to know about my wedding. Josna says let’s go. Nishi says can I go in a ghunghat? That’s how we do it in my family.

Deya says to the kid I am ready to fight her please stop. The kid says if you come after me I will tel the villagers you are hiding here. He says to villagers she is here. Deya tries to stop him. she falls. She holds her necklace. Deya says how did you come down? he says this locket. He says you’re the one my grandfather told me about.

Nishi comes to Deya’s room. She says we need to do some drama in the haldi. She makes Deya’s clone and says I will make her sit there and get her insulted. She puts ghunghat on her. The kid says I will tell you all about suhagan chudail. Only you can fight her. The villagers come there. TThekid asks her to run. deya says I wont go anywhere. He says then hide. Deya hides in there. The villagers look for Deya. The kid helps her sneak out.

Episode ends

Precap: Moksha wonders why doses see Deeya everywhere.
Nishigandharealizess her truth is out and they might have found the way to kill her so sends hera arrow to kill the once who know her truth.

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