Pukaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Vedika is able to catch the child saying he would have fallen right now but he does not listen to her, she says she does not even know where she lost her dupatta. Koyal angrily asks what did he do so helps her mother stand up questioning what did he do.

Vedika is shocked seeing the gift her parents got for her but she ask her father what was the need for such expensive gift as her mother just got the operation and she would have bought it after she got the salary, her mother goes inside saying she will apply the Tika before Vedika rides it, Vedika sits on her scooty praying that no evil eye should befall on her family. Vedika stops in front of a car and asks about Kishori Lal when Vedika first asks of his name as had she not applied the brake then it would have caused the accident, the child says it is not a cycle but a scooty. Kamal gets out of the car asking the person to learn how to remain calm.

Koyal asks the people to see the actions of the rich spoiled person who caused the accident and is even able to get away then he people say they would not let him get away like this when Sagar says who said he will give money as she can get justice.

Kamal says that it is not right to give such a simple gift to the special people and he points to the car mentioning it will be the gift for her, Vedika says that he is talking about their education center and even their house but he should know that this house and education center is of their ancestors, Kamal replies that both of these things can be build on another land, the mother of Vedika hears her arguing.

Sagar is able to send the people away then asks Jamshed to help the aunt and her daughter sit in the car so they can go to the hospital but Koyal instead demands money, Sagar says the commissioner is his uncle and till they reach the hospital the police would also arrive, Sagar tries to force Mauri into the car but she manages to get away, Koyal replies they donot want anything from him.Mauri and Sagar try to run when Sagar threatens to call the police, Mauri holds the hands and kneels in front of Sagar requesting them both to forgive her, Mauri is able to tie the show lace of Sagar and they both run away, Sagar thinks of calling but wonders where is his wallet, he tries to run however falls with Jamshed and is furious seeing them both run away, exclaiming this is how he has been treated in his own city.

Vedika asks if Kamal knows the Section 50, of the Indian contract act hearing which Kamal asks everyone to go back home, then tells Vedika they are just requesting her as his father is going to get a lot of benefit from it and asks Kishori lal why is he refusing the wealth, explaining if anyone in the county gives him an offer worth more then twenty million, Vedika says they donot need his offer and he should put the factory in some other place, Kamal says that the education center and house are in the middle of the factory of Degvijay and it would not start till they sell the house, the person asks why did Vedika take the name of Degvijay like this, she replies she took it politely and then asks the child to record while forcing the worker to slap her, she says he would be arrested. Vedika replies she does this only when they force her and now they should leave, Kamal asks Hemand to go and sit in the car, Hemand leaves after hitting the scooty when Kamal apologizes for the behavior while requesting them to not be so stubborn as if he leaves empty handed then this matter would go to Degvijay and then he would makes sure the entire family is ruined, Vedika says Kamal likes to ruin the family when he remembers the incident that he caused with Gautham and Saraswathi, Kamal holding his hands leaves to go and sit in the car, Vedika wipes the tears while turning to Kishori lal, he asks the children o also go back to their home while telling Vedika he will pick it up, he calls Padma but when she does not respond then enters however is shocked seeing her on the floor, Vedika asks for her phone then call the ambulance but they reply it cannot come. Vedika ties Padma to herself when she asks her father to sit in the back

Degvijay says that Kamal is the one who threatened them but he would have politely asked them which is why they have not been able to get the property, Rageshwari says that only a lion would know how to rule the jungle and not a dog can do it, the wife of Degvijay comes saying that Surhendar and Dharam have come from the factory, Degvijay asks them both to leave as no matter relating to the factory wold be discussed in the house, his wife says they are related to Surhenda who works in their house and she told her they have not been able to get the compensation, Degvijay says they both should leave right now and meet him after taking an appointment, Saraswathi tells Degvijay that they took the appointment and he was not able to meet them while it is written in the company handbook that they are responsible for the mistakes, Degvijay asks if the worker is an employee or contracted, Degvijay says she is responsible for the spices in the house while he will handle the problems of the factory, Sagar entering says papa is telling the truth and rules are rules, Sagar says tat contract workers work for forty hours but the worker replies they work for eighty hours, Sagar says the judge in the district court has a lot of sympathy with contract workers and then his mother calls him but Sagar says they would not be able to get an advocate who is more of a social worker and fights the case for free but he will not be able to win as their factory would be closed for just a few days, even then his father would not bow down in front of them and win the case after fighting it, Sagar says they can do whatever they desire and did they understand his words so asks the workers to leave, Rageshwari picks the biscuit which has broken, she then asks if Degvijay understood as Sagar has taught them everything without uttering a single word, Degvijay stops the worker saying Kamal should take their details from the manager and make sure they get the payment, as Suphedra and Saraswathi have talked on their behalf, the workers leave after wishing them a lot. Sagar runs to hug Saraswathi calling her his besties, he even takes her blessing when Saraswathi gives her blessings then Sagar goes to hug Kamal, Rageshwari asks if he will even come to his old Grandmother, she gives her blessings to him saying he made them wait a lot, Sagar says she seems very serious and they have to go to the hospital, Degvijay says Sagar should even meet with his father, Sagar then goes to take the blessings of Degvijay and turns back without hugging him, he says Rageshwari did not do the right thing but Saraswathi replies everything is fair in love and war and this is the love of a Grandmother, Sagar goes to stand with Saraswathi and they all start enjoying, Rageshwari thinks Saraswathi would first trap Gautham but is now doing the same with her Grandson, she remembers how the Pandit jee told her that Sagar is the reason that will cause Saraswathi to meet with her daughters. Rageshwari wonders f the return of Sagar causes the faces from the past to be revealed.

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