Pukaar 7th June 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 7th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 7th June 2024 Written Episode

Vedika asks who is the client, the officer says it is Maheshwari masala but like he said that she is a brilliant person who can get a job anywhere even in their office for which they will give her a raise, Vedika replies he knows that she will file a case against him but the officer should tell those who instructed him to give the bribe that they can just close one door but she has not learned to accept defeat and will surely succeed, she ends the call in frustration but is tensed recalling how Kamal said that now the matter would go to Degvijay who will take every possible step. Vedika thinks that he came to threaten them in their house and then ask the offices to not give the job while even the criminal who has been punished without any reason, she thinks Bhagwan also desires that she should meet the Maheshwari family. Vedika holds her hands together.

Suphedra is performing the pooja when Saraswathi and Sagar come to take the Arthi, Suphedra asks what was the need to come back for just four days, Saraswathi also does not agree with it so Sagar says he has even asked them both to come with him while he will take care of everything. Degvijay also takes the Arthi, saying Sagar has come from so far away but will he not hug his father just once, Sagar takes the blessing by touching the feet, Sagar says when the voice would come from his heart then one that day he would not have to say anything, Saraswathi leaves saying she will try to convince him, Degvijay asks Rageshwari if she saw that Sagar hates his own father while is in love with the servants, Rageshwari replies she has said it before that Saraswathi would conspire with Gautham but then is doing the same with Sagar, Degvijay asks if Rageshwari is saying that it is due to Saraswathi that he is not even able to hug him, Rageshwari says he cannot give the entire blame to her, Degvijay asks if he is at fault, Rageshwari says when the child desired to sit with his father and listen to stories then he sent him to boarding school, Degvijay says that Sagar would keep crying with Saraswathi requesting that they bring back Gautham and his friend Jhanvi.

Sagar tries to leave when Saraswathi comes saying that he should even come and have the food with her, Degvijay says Rageshwari might be right but what can he do, Rageshwari says she will talk with him but is worried about something else and what if the past of the Maheshwari family is ready to knock on their door. Saraswathi stops walking while holding the tray, Kamal asks what happened when Saraswathi says someone has come to meet him.

Vedika opening the door calls Mr Maheshwari, he turns to look at her seeing whom even Rageshwari is shocked. Degvijay asks who is she and how did she come inside, Vedika apologizes saying she knows she might have knocked but there is someone at the security, she introduces herself as the daughter of Kishori lal, Degvijay yells at the guards questioning how did the security let anyone enter, Vedika says she has just come to request that Degvijay should not snatch their land, she is shocked seeing Sagar when he demands she should talk to him, Degvijay says that Sagar should not talk to such people as he is their son, Sagar is however furious hearing by it, Vedika replies how she should have understood that like father like son. Vedika says she is just requesting that their land, Degvijay says they would surely take the land, Vedika replies they just have this place where her father gives teaching to the children as only a few people know Sanskrit and no one can give them any money, she says that yesterday his people came to her house and threatened them due to which her mother got ill and why is he doing it to them, Degvijay says who gave her the right to talk to him in this manner, she yells at her when Vedika gets worried.

Saraswathi turns back to leave when Kamal stops her saying that no one has come to meet her in the past years including their own family members, Kamal asks Saraswathi to sit down.

Vedika says it is not right as he has a lot of name in the business world but he can go to such low levels, she requests him to build his factory some where else explaining they are living their life very peacefully and he should not ruin it, Sagar comes ahead but Rageshwari stands up to stop him. Degvijay agrees to Vedika who says that she has a request and can he give it in writing, Degvijay offers her thirty million, Vedika says he said it right now, Degvijay then gives the offer of fifty million but Vedika replies they cannot even sell the land if he is ready to give them one hundred million, Degvijay says then she should go and tell her father that he would have to give the land for free as he will take the land, Vedika says that she was being polite as he is not only old but even a successful businessman, Vedika says she can even file a case against him for trying to forcefully taking their land while he can even be charged for trespassing their land, Degvijay says that she is threatening him even when he offered so much money, Vedika replies it is against law, Degvijay furiously says he does not understand anything else but knows only three laws first to take everything by wealth while the second that he is not prepared to hear any refusal, Sagar getting furious tries to walk ahead, Degvijay says now Vedika Sharma is on stage two while she would not want to know about his third rule so should go with her knowledge otherwise he would have to call the security, Degvijay starts counting so Vedika turns back to leave while she causes the vase to fall, Saraswathi runs out of the house towards the main hall but then Vedika runs out before she can come and Degvijay closes the door, Saraswathi asks Rageshwari if someone today when Rageshwari says a lot of people come, Saraswathi replies she felt that someone who is her own came, Rageshwari says that she still does not think of them as her own but is the daughter in law of this house and should think of some rituals, she says Saraswathi came running bare foot and it does not suit her, Saraswathi agrees saying she should have kept it in mind but her heart did not agree as she felt that and did someone came, Rageshwari replies a courier came for Degvijay, she asks Kamal to take Saraswathi to the room so she can rest, Saraswathi apologizes to her and leaves with Kamal.

Rageshwari asks if Degvijay would still tell her to not worry as the girl came to their house and threatened him, Degvijay says that Vedika is just an ant, Rageshwari says Saraswathi tried to take their entire business and would have achieved it if Gautham had not died in the accident, Rageshwari says that she has been worried due to the police and today the daughter of a teacher came to threaten them, Degvijay says if Kamal had done the work properly then it would not have happened, Rageshwari says only the king has to suffer and Degvijay failed due to which the girl entered to threaten him, Rageshwari says the house which she seemed like a fortress is ruining, Degvijay says he threw her out, Rageshwari replies she managed to come inside and what about the criminal, Degvijay says he would be found while the girl left crying, Rageshwari asks if he saw how Saraswathi became restless when the girl came into this house and his son Sagar went after that girl, Degvijay is worried.

Vedika is trying to start her scooty when Sagar comes requesting her to listen to him but she is irritated saying she does not want to hear anything, the criminal also secretly enters the Maheshwari Mansion.

Vedika says it is very hot and her mother said their day depends on whose face they see in the morning, Sagar says he can help her but Vedika is still furious saying she does not want to listen to him, Sagar follows Vedika who leaves in the scooty while the criminal thinks he would surely apologize to the mam.

Precap: Vedika and Koyal meet once again and they enjoy a lot together, the criminal is secretly walking in the night to reveal the entire truth to Saraswathi.

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