Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 7th June 2024 Written Update

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arya saying I love you a lot, you did many favors on me, my life has never been easy, it’s the fault of my fate, not yours. She goes. Bela cries. Yug wakes up and finds himself in the room. Zai comes and says the last night was much special for me, I will never forget it. Yug looks on. Arya and Sonia come to meet Zai. Zai asks Yug to help her in fixing the dress hook. Yug says Sonia will help you. Zai says you are getting shy now, unlike the night. She makes Arya jealous.

Yug thinks this is just not possible. Arya leaves. Zai says Sonia, we will come downstairs in some time. Sonia says okay and goes. Arya packs her bags and cries. Ankush comes. He hugs her and consoles. Yug says this can’t happen, I was too drunk, I don’t remember anything.

Bela sees Zai happy and smiles. Ankush asks Arya not to go and stay back with him. He says I know Bela has done this, what you have gone through, I can’t make you away, Ekya and Zai will go from here. Arya says no, its not his fault, he is trapped, I can’t punish him more, I have to go. He asks why did you listen to Bela. Arya says she regards me her daughter, I always wanted this. Arya says I will go from here, I got a job, I will come next time, wearing the uniform. Ankush gets sad.

Kasturi gifts a necklace to Zai and blesses her. Maina asks Ankush won’t you give her anything. Ankush says I ordered something, its not ready, I will give this kada as shagun. Bela smiles. Zai asks Yug to make her wear the necklace. Yug thinks of Arya and drops the necklace. It breaks. Arya comes and looks on. Ankush says Zai’s happiness won’t stay for long. Zai says its okay, I have the real diamond with me, that’s Yug. Arya says I will go tomorrow, I have some work first. Yug asks are you going. Zai asks do you have any problem, I know this is awkward. She asks Arya to visit them when they have a child. Arya goes. Yug says you won’t go anywhere. Arya says you scolded me, you got peace and joy with Zai. Yug says I was drunk last night, I don’t remember what happened, you are misunderstanding, you should trust me, I can’t move on, no way.

Arya says I don’t need to know about you and Zai’s personal matter. Yug says I just see you, I don’t think about anyone else. Arya says stop thinking about me. He says stop acting like you don’t care. Zai does makeup. She says sorry, Arya, I have fooled you. Yug says you will get tortured now. Arya says do anything you want, I m going in 2 days. Zai takes his pic and says we have to go and buy swimming hear for us, we are going on Maldives, Kasturi is sending us. Arya gets the tickets for Zai. Zai says thanks, it will be so much fun.

Yug says no, ministry is calling me for work, I will be going for one month, you have to wait. Bela looks on. Zai cries and says this isn’t fair. Kasturi says it doesn’t matter. Yug says you have to adjust, Zai, you are a policeman’s wife. Zai agrees. Yug comes to Arya and says nothing happened between Zai and me, it’s the truth, you can stay in denial.

Yug romances Zai. Arya looks on and cries.

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