Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 18th April 2024 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 18th April 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 18th April 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Mandira tells Shakti if Shiv goes to the school then he will be bullied, how will you save him? Shakti says you are so shameless to put Shiv in danger, do you have no motherly instinct? Mandira says I want power and wealth which you can’t understand, I am going to win by sending Shiv to Kartik’s school. Try and save him if you can.

Koyal is being kidnapped, the kidnapper is Manorama in disguise. Koyal thinks their voices seem familiar. Dharam is following the kidnappers’ van to save Koyal.

Shakti tells Shiv that he can’t go to the school. He says why not? I have my uniform and the bag. Ragunath says you can study at home so don’t worry. He says no. I want to go with Kartik, I will give an exam too. Shakti says try to understand, Kartik can’t miss his exam so let him go. Shiv says I will go today only, he throws a fit so Shakti shouts at him to stop it and raises her hand but stops herself. Shiv gets scared seeing that. Mandira makes a video. Shiv runs to his room. Ragunath takes Kartik to school. Shakti says Shiv needs love and I berated him. Dadi says you did what was right, you were a mother today. A mother has a right to scold her kids. Mandira smirks and thinks they have no idea what I am up to.

Mandira comes to Shiv and sees him crying. He says she didn’t let me go to the school and even scolded me. Mandira consoles him and shows him a butterfly she caught. She says Shakti trapped this butterfly in a jar. The butterfly dies, Mandira says you might die like this. Shiv says that girl wants to kill me? Mandira says there is only one way to free you from her. Shakti is coming there so Mandira hides behind a curtain. Shakti brings halwa for Shiv but he says I don’t want it. Shakti apologizes to him but he gets angry and pushes her away, he runs from there. Padma and Mandira make their videos.

Scene 2

The kidnappers bring Koyal to a dungeon and tie her up. Manorama is wearing bangles so Koyal thinks they are not professional kidnappers. Dharam comes there and tries to fight with them. He says you can’t hurt her when I am here. Koyal finds a stone and cuts her ropes. She frees herself and runs from there. Dharam takes the kidnappers outside the dungeon. Manorama takes off her mask along with Chacha. She says I kidnapped her so you can be her hero. Dharam says this is illegal, if she finds out then its trouble for us all. Koyal comes there and says I already know.

Mandira says we have filmed everything so Shakti can’t be saved. Otherside Shiv is running away from Shakti, he says she wants to kill me like that butterfly, she is a witch. Dadi says she loves you a lot, don’t say that. Shiv says this girl is dangerous. Mandira comes there and asks what happened? Shiv hides behind her.

Koyal tells Manorama how dare you kidnap me? I won’t spare you all. I am calling the police now. Chacha tells Manorama I told you to not do this, we are all in trouble now. Koyal says you are fools to mess with me. Manorama asks how did she free herself? Koyal says I cut it. Manorama says we will have to kill her as she knows our secret. Dharam tries to stop her and says its illegal. Manorama says if we leave her then we will be jailed, don’t worry you will find someone else. Dharam says she is so pretty. Koyal runs from there, Dharam runs behind her. Chacha cries and says we can’t be jailed. Manorama says we have to do something.

Shiv tells Mandira to protect him. Shakti tries to go to him but she stops her and says he is scared of you. Shiv says Shakti wants to kill me, Mandira takes him from there. Dadi asks Shakti why is he scared of you? She says Mandira is playing a game. Ragunath says I don’t know what she is up to.

Koyal is running away, Dharam runs behind her but she takes a stone and throws at him. He says please listen to me. He says my parents did a mistake but please forgive them, they didn’t hurt you. I promise to take you back to your house and I will not show my face to you ever again, I will leave your life for good, it will hurt me but please I beg you to not tell anyone about this kidnapping. Koyal says why not? your family is our enemy. Dharam says what? my sisters got married in your house but your mother started this animosity, you know what’s going on so please don’t blame us. I am requesting you to not tell anyone about this. Manorama comes there and tries attacking Koyal but Dharam protects her and gets hit, he faints.

Mandira sings lullaby for Shiv and he sleeps in her lap. Shakti and Dadi are sad seeing that. Mandira smirks. Dadi tells Shakti to not do anything as Shiv will hate her more.

Precap: Doctor says Shakti being around Shiv will worsen his condition, for his wellbeing we have to separate Shiv from Shakti. Shakti is in shock. Mandira says to Shakti I have ruined your married life, now you both will be separated.

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