Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th April 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th April 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th April 2024 Written Episode

Manan is riding the cycle when he hits a rock and falls on the ground calling his mother for help, Radhika comes running to him and asks why did he take out the supporting cycles when Manan informs that their neighbor uncle took them off, Radhika angrily goes to ring the door bell.

Some time earlier Radhika wonders why did she feel like her own house after going there and for the past few days she has been feeling his presence around her.

Yug while walking is thinking about what Mohan said that after the birth of the children, the focus of attention for the mother becomes the child, Yug asks Bhagwan if it happens when the child is born when he does not feel like it and thinks that he is the priority of Radhika when she still loves Manan, Yug wonders ho can he prove it so he picks the clay pot which he starts hitting with his wrist while screaming from the pain, he exclaims now he will find out if Radhika loves him more or Manan, he sees that Manan is riding the bicycle so he throws the stone after kissing it under the tire of the bicycle, he apologizes after seeing Manan falling, Mohan is walking when he hears the cries of Manan so gets worried, Radhika also runs after hearing the cries of Manan along with Mohan but he is stopped by Gungun who says she wants to talk with him, Mohan replies he has to help Manan who might have fallen down when Gungun says that children tend to fall, Radhika running out of the house rushes to Manan asking how did he fall down and what caused the injury, Yug is furious seeing Radhika running to Manan without even looking at him. Mohan tells Gungun that he is crying, she replies that children tend to cry and has he taken the responsibility of cheering him up however Mohan says he is going to help him and runs out of the main door, Mohan sees Manan going inside with Radhika while he sees the bicycle on the floor an with it is the ear ring which has fallen when Radhika was helping Manan stand up, Mohan says this proves a mother can do anything for her child, she left her ear ring which he will return after a while, Gungun comes and is relieved to see that they did not meet.

Radhika takes Manan to the couch where she asks him to sit assuring she will make sure his injury gets fine, Yug comes and is furious thinking how she did not even look at him, Radhika gets shocked seeing the injury in the hand of Yug so asks how did he get injured when he says that if she paid attention to him then would have seen it, Radhika apologizes saying she did not pay the attention to him otherwise would have come to him, she goes to bring the first aid box when Yug says he is sure she would apply the medicine on his hand so asks Manan to not be worried.

Mohan asks Gungun what did she want to talk about, she says that she will stay here if this is what he wants when Mohan asks her to give him a break because he might suffer a heart attack so asks Gungun what else does she want, she replies he would have to live here without giving importance to anyone else and he will not bother with anything when Mohan replies if they are going to live in a society then will have to meet with their neighbors and it is better for them to get to know everyone as who knows when they might need someone which is why he is even thinking about throwing a party, Meera comes asking what party are they talking about, Mohan informs it was the suggestion of Yug to throw a house warming party, Meera agrees saying that the social circle of Yug is very large and it will help Mohan get to know a lot of people, that the owners of Trivedi publication have shifted here after which his name would get circulated everywhere and she feels they should throw the party tomorrow, Mohan asks Meera how is it possible but Meera replies he should leave it on her as managing the event is her second passion so she will call the caterer right now, Mohan asks what is the first passion when Meera replies he is very eager to hear the praise and so he is the first passion when Meera leaves so he warns her to make sure it is nice otherwise he will punish her. Gungun says Mohan does not give importance to any of her words, he asks why does she not want him to throw the party because this will help them get to know the people so does she have any reason, he leaves asking her to prepare the dress, Gungun is worried.

Radhika bringing the first aid box sits beside Manan to apply the ointment on his injury assuring it would get fine right now, Yug is just staring at her when Radhika assures it is done, he keeps standing beside them while Radhika is busy with Manan so he gets a bit irritated, Radhika then stands asking Yug to give his hand as she has to apply the bandage when he says she cares a lot for Manan and so should cater to him while he will do it himself, Yug replies that he knows she did not see him outside so what about in the house when she saw him but still went to Manan, Radhika stops him asking if she and Manan were injured would he have come to her or catered to Yug, as children are important for parents when Yug thinks that Radhika is the most important for him, she asks if Yug will do the same and then so sits with him to apply the medicine, Radhika gets furious asking how can he ask such a question.

Mohan says he will go and invite Yug to the party, Gungun says he will not go when Mohan asks the reason so she says the servants would do it, Mohan asks what is the matter with Gungun because ever since they came here she has just been doing one drama after another, and from whom have they bought the house so would it seem nice if they sent the workers to invite them so he is personally going to go and invite them, Gungun gets worried thinking he has went to meet Yug Kholi but will meet with Radhika, Gungun wonders what can she do now so follows Mohan.

Yug starts screaming when she apologizes to him and starts applying the ointment assuring even if injury would get better very soon, Yug keeps looking at her and then tries to scream after a while but stops looking at her, she applies the bandage with a smile apologizing when he thanks her, Yug says he will come in a moment so leaves, Radhika is worried when she turns to Manan asking how many times she has told him to ride the cycle without removing the side wheels asking if he likes to not accept the instructions of his mother and why did he remove them, Manan says he did not remove it, Radhika asks who removed them, Manan says the uncle who lives in front of them, Radhika angrily goes to argue with the person saying how did he dare remove the side wheels of her sons cycle, Manan thinks he feels this time the uncle is going to lose is memory and only Bhagwan can save him.

Radhika furiously starts ringing the door bell when the door opens and she is shocked seeing Meera standing in front of her, Yug is even stunned to see Mohan standing. Meera angrily asks where is the father of Gunjan, Meera stops her asking what has happened, Radhika informs that he removed the side wheels of her sons cycle and so he fell down.

Yug sits with Mohan and Gungun when Mohan apologizes as his son Manan fell down due to him but Yug says that it is nothing to be concerned about when Mohan says he is glad otherwise parents to be very possessive. Gungun thinks Mohan talked and it but what was the need to call her, Yug calls Radhika when the servant comes informing she is not in the house, Yug says that someone is very dearly praying they both should not meet, Yug says they will meet tomorrow when Mohan says that the person would be very shocked about it, Mohan informs they have listened to the advice of Yug for the house warming party, Gungun gives a bag to Yug who asks what is it, she says he has to wear it and then Yug takes out the masks, Mohan informs it is a maskerete party, revealing that Meera and Gungun came up with the idea, Gungun says it is time for her online class so she leaves. Mohan is talking with Yug, who says it is a nice way to dance after hiding their identity, Yug asks if Mohan would take anything, Mohan replies he will take his leave saying they would meet each other tomorrow in the party, Yug replies that Mohan is finally got to be introduced to the circle in this city.

Meera tells Radhika might be mistaken but she replies she thought the he was a nice guy but it is not the case as he purposefully removed the side tires of her sons bicycle due to which he fell down which Manan himself told her, Radhika says Manan could have been hurt an she should warn him to not do this anything with her son in the future, Radhika leaves when Meera tries to stop her, Ajeet and ketki think this means Radha is their neighbor, Gungun coming to them both agree saying this is why she was trying to stop her father from purchasing this house as she feared papa and Radha might see each other.

Radhika comes out of the house while Mohan goes to the side of Yug’s house after getting a call, Mohan turns back but is not able to see anyone.

Gungun asks how do they know that Radha is in Delhi, Ketki informs they met Radha in her school, Ketki explains Gungun about the entire incident and how he hugged Radha calling her as his sister but she said she is Radhika and not Radha, since Radha has died a long time ago, Gungun informs that the son of Radha studies in the class of Sargam, Ketki says this means Radha is the wife of Yug Kholi when Gungun informs that ti was very easy for her to move on as she has an entire new family but what about her father, Ajeet says how can they hide such a big truth from Mohan bhai but Gungun replies he cannot do it because it took a very long time for him to move on.

Radhika is sitting when Yug sits beside her saying she scolded their neighbors while they came to invite them with the entire family, Radhika replies she does not care for so many house warming parties, Manan says he has to tell her that he was able to ride the entire cycle in the circle and he did not fall because of him, Radhika replies but he fell down when Manan says she said that if they fall then move ahead, Radhika agrees with Manan saying she should not have said such things to him and how will she apologize, Manan says she has to think about it as her record is very bad with him because whenever he helps him then she teaches him a lesson. Yug wonders if Radhika loves Manan more then him so thinks she just has to love him, Radhika calls Yug who is lost in his thoughts, she says he said their new neighbors came to invite them an would he ask which flavor of cake do they like so she will bake a nice cake for them as a token of apology, Yug calls Mr Trivedi asking how is he and so asks which flavor of cake does he like which is why she wants to know which flavor does he like, Mohan replies he does not eat cake and so will he ask his wife if she knows how to make kheer, Yug asks Radhika who thinks of how she would make kheer for Mohan then assures she can make it, Mohan realizes it is the voice of Radha, he is shocked.

Precap: Gungun asks her Aunt to put all the efforts so that Mohan and Radha don’t see eachother in tonight’s party.
Yug introduces himself and his wife to Mohan and says finally we are able to meet eachother. Radha and Mohan shake hand and recognise eachother.

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