Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 26th September 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 26th September 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 26th September 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mandira calls someone and says I want this as I know it can kill. Shiv comes there and asks who she wants to kill? Mandira says she is going to kill me.. its Koyal and she wants some lights for social media content, she asks her man to provide them tonight only. She ends the call and smirks. She thinks tomorrow’s mehndi will take lights away from Shiv’s life.

Manorama asks Shakti why was she clinging to Shiv even after all that? how can she be so shameless? Shakti says what’s shameless in being his friend? he just takes me as his friend only. Manorama says your friendship and Shiv isn’t normal. Shakti says you are right, he isn’t normal. Who in this world does this much for another person? he has saved me so many times. He saved me from Ranjan. He is always protecting me. Manorama asks her to stop it.. you have to end your friendship with Shiv. I don’t want him in the mehndi ceremony tomorrow, I know he only listens to you so tell him that he won’t come here tomorrow. Promise me that you will tell Shiv to never enter this house again and you won’t see his face again, you will tell him that you want to end your friendship with him. Shakti is shocked and recalls becoming Shiv’s friend. Manorama tells her to end this relationship.

Shiv tells Nandu that Shakti accepted my friendship and she trusts me so much but I am not sure. She thinks I know Ranjan from before because he keeps hiding from me. Nandu says maybe you don’t know him. Shiv says no.. I keep forgetting things these days, I forget even my work at the hospital. My mind is becoming weak. Nandu says how come? I think you should visit a doctor.

Mandira says once I get this item then I will end Shiv and Shakti’s friendship. She is waiting and says tomorrow will end Shiv.

Manorama asks Shakti to promise her but she says no.. I am sorry but I can’t promise you because I can’t leave the person who has always protected my honor. Manorama says why can’t you understand? what if Ranjan gets angry seeing him tomorrow? if Ranjan breaks off this marriage then everything will be destroyed. Shakti says then let him do it, I think Ranjan isn’t good for any girl. Manorama says I have already chosen him as my son in law, its about my daughter’s life and I want good for her. Shakti asks her to calm down and says please listen to me.. Rimjhim is my sister too, would I ever want to hurt her? would I ever let anyone harm her? Manorama says no. Shakti says please give me a chance to expose Ranjan. Manorama says why you want to destroy Rimjhim’s life? Shakti says I want to save her life.. if you are right then you can boost about your victory but if I am right then it means Rimjhim’s life is at stake. Shiv wants to help me in exposing Ranjan and we only have 2 days before the marriage. I don’t have much time so I can take any risk, its about my sister and your daughter so think please.

Shiv tells Nandu that we have to expose Ranjan and we don’t have much time. Nandu says I think you should focus on yourself and should see a doctor. Shiv says no.. I have to help Shakti first. She trusts me so much. Nandu says we can talk to Mandira about your condition. Shiv says not at all, if they find out that I am not well then they won’t let me go anywhere. I have to protect Shakti and stops this marriage so promise me you won’t tell anyone. Nandu twists his fingers and says I promise. Shiv thanks him, Nandu leaves. Shiv says where should I start about Ranjan? He searches up Ranjan on social media.

Ranjan is drinking and is angry recalling Shiv protecting Shakti. He tells his brother that Shiv keeps protecting her. His brother says Shiv wasn’t trying to remember you till now but now he knows that you are not good for Rimjhim so he might start finding about your past. Can he find something? Ranjan says yes, there is one way. He opens his account and deletes his workplace.

Shiv is searching on the internet about Ranjan’s workplaces. Dadi comes there and asks him to sleep, he says sure, she leaves. Shiv checks his profile but there is no workplace there. Shiv says I have to find a proof that Ranjan isn’t a good person.

Mandira is waiting for her man. Dadi comes there and asks what is waiting for? She says I ordered Shiv’s medicines so I am waiting for those. She asks Dadi to go and sleep. She leaves.

Dadi comes to Ragunath and says seems like no one is sleeping tonight. He smiles and says I was thinking about Shiv and Shakti.. Shakti is a nice girl and would be good for Shiv, I just hope Shiv realizes soon that he loves Shakti too.

Manorama tells Shakti fine.. I am giving you a last chance, if you and Shiv bring a proof against Ranjan then I will stop this marriage myself. This is the first time I am praying that you lose. Shakti says I will try my best to prove you wrong, to prove that Ranjan isn’t a good man.

Padma comes to Ragunath and Dadi.. She says a lot of people were praising Shakti in haldi ceremony. I think we should ask for her proposal for Shiv before she gets another proposal. Dadi says since when you started worrying about Shiv and Shakti? you started their scandal. Padma says I did a mistake but now I know Shiv and Shakti are made for you each other, that’s why I am saying we should hurry before Shakti gets married in another house. Once Shakti is in this house then everything will be fine otherwise nothing will change. She starts leaving and thinks I pray that Shakti comes here as Mandira’s enemy. Koyal comes there and glares at her.

The man brings a package for Mandira and says its very dangerous. Mandira says that’s why I ordered it.

The episode ends.

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