Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Mohan prays to Bihari jee to protect his Radha, meanwhile in the cold storage Radha tries to stand up but she feels immense pain in the arm so starts screaming due to the pain. Mohan pleads that until he is not by her side, Bihari jee should always remain by her side as her strength. Radha in the cold storage mentions to Bihari jee how she feels that she has injured her shoulder, she once again tries to stand up but falls due to the pain, Radha is screaming however no one is able to hear her voice outside the cold storage, she turns and after gathering the courage once again stands up.

Damini assures she has not done anything meanwhile Rahul is having a drink, Kaveri smiling says they are in a team so why is he suspecting them because they would surely inform him of any plans. Rahul mentions anything can happen where they both are present, which is why he knows what they are capable off because they can go to any means to achieve their goals. Rahul once again asks where is Radha when Damini replies that she seriously has no idea where is Radha as she has not done anything, Rahul questions then why is she celebrating with alcohol and how are both so happy. Rahul threatens to call Mohan bhai as even he should know what is going on in the house, Damini getting worried stops Rahul informing him that she has arranged for Radha to die, hearing this Rahul is shocked.
Radha sitting beside the boxes is still screaming from pain, but no one is there to hear anything and even the temperature reaches to minus nineteen degrees, Radha exclaims that she cannot lose hope, as she will never leave Mohan jee. Radha places her wrist on a corner of the card board box so she can get up however she once again screams due to the immense pain from which she is suffering, Radha thinks she has to fix her shoulder as the pain of the bones increases in the cold weather, Radha thinks she would surely have to fix her shoulder.

Rahul angrily asks where is Radha when Damini informs she is in the cold storage and would have died by now, Rahul asks if she has lost her mind as Radha would surely die, Damini mentions this was the plan when Rahul explains he knew they both could do anything for their means but he never thought they will kill someone informing they are blo*dy criminals, Damini tries to explain herself when Rahul angrily explains he is going to tell Mohan the entire truth that she is trying to kill Radha, Damini asks what benefit would he get from telling the truth to his brother, she informs Radha has already taken over the house and will very soon even take over the office, Damini tries to manipulate Rahul by saying that the office in which Mohan thought Rahul did not deserve to even enter, he sent Radha without any problem. Damini informs Rahul is not on the best of terms with Radha so will never get anything, since the biological mother of Mohan has named this entire property in the name of Mohan and his wife which is now Radha.

Radha in the cold storage slowly holds her hand and pushes it while trying to fix the shoulder blade, she starts screaming due to the pain which can even be heard outside the cold storage, the blood also starts flowing from the injury on her head and she after feeling the blood is left shocked. Radha thinks that a lot of blood has flowed and even the injury is not able to close due to the cold temperature, she notices the blowers in the cold storage. Radha thinks that for her to be saved from the Shutrru, they even fought so she would also have to keep fighting. Radha thinks then today this cold would be her strength, she thinks she has to cover herself in order to stay alive however wonders what can she use, she starts reciting a Mantar in order to remain calm.

Damini tells Rahul he has already seen how Ketki has become her best friend, this is how Radha is going to make sure everyone shifts on her side and the only one left alone would be Rahul who will not get even a single penny, Rahul remembers how Mohan slapped him because of Radha, he gets furious thinking about it. Damini mentions that Rahul is the enemy of Radha but they both are on the same team, she informs if she gets married to Mohan in the future then he will not only get his share in the house but she will make sure he also becomes a partner in the publication after which he can be at peace, Kaveri whispers to Damini if Rahul does not accept their offer then the entire plan would be ruined and they both would be sent to jail.

Radha in the cold storage, starts twisting the card board boxes however she is not able to do it properly due to the injuries on her hand, she however manages to tear them into pieces, Radha then searches for the tape which she finds placed in the corner, she manages to reach to it. Radha then makes the board into a cylinder and then tapes it around his arms, so they remain warm.

Damini requests Rahul to think that they have not killed Radha directly but has just sent her to that location so if Radha dies after that then what is their problem, Kaveri also agrees when Rahul agrees with them saying they should do whatever they desire, assuring he will not tell anyone. Rahul mentions he has a condition, Damini getting furious asks about it.

Radha is trying her best to cover her entire body and even covers the upper part of her arms with the cardboard so they can remain warm, she must make a lot of efforts due to the injuries, she even cuts a hole in the larger piece that she places around the upper part of her body as a shield. She finally sits down leaning against the ice cream boxes, in order to rest.

Rahul warns if Damini gets trapped in the murder of Radha, then she is not going to trap him, Kaveri assures that no one is going to be blamed for anything, Damini agrees informing Rahul should not open his mouth as no one should know where is Radha and what happened to her, she advises him to not say anything.

Mohan asks where is Radha hearing which Damini is shocked and even Rahul is stunned, Kaveri gets scared seeing Mohan standing at the door with Kadambari and Gungun.

Precap: The temperature has reached to minus twenty-three degrees when Radha thinks that only one hour is left, Radha tears the covering which she made, she finally manages to ignite a light in the cold storage and after getting hot she falls asleep beside it, she after waking up is shocked.

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