Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th July 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Mohan asks Gungun to come with him, she however refuses to go to the police station explaining she will be arrested so refuses, Mohan replies he knows she is scared but has already made a lot of mistakes as she drove a car while being under age but she did not do anything purposefully and was just taking Sargam to the hospital Mohan asks if Gungun truest her so then they both each the police station after sitting in the car, Mohan asks Gungun to control herself saying he will go to meet the Inspector while she must not worry. Mohan sitting in front of the officer is about to reveal the news when he suddenly hears the voice of Radha and so takes the excuse, Radha is telling the Inspector it cannot happen and even Yug says that the Inspector should at least investigate it, but the Inspector replies the description is the same of the dead body they found so their Grandmother has died, Radhika replies that this cannot happen, Mohan is also shocked thinking this cannot happen. Mohan going to the officer asks him if it is true that their Grandmother has died, Mohan recalls how he used to enjoy a lot with Pari Dadi and she was very sweet, he is very tensed while Gungun is anxiously waiting.

Mohan slowly walks over to her so Gungun asks why is she crying, Mohan replies that the women whom Gungun had hit was none other then Pari Dadi, hearing which even Gungun is startled then Mohan asks what did she do, he says she has died. Gungun starts crying. Radhika even sees Mohan so calling him she runs to hug him tightly seeing which Yug is shocked, Radha is crying a lot while Mohan stays quiet, Punam notices that Yug is getting furious and he tries to walk ahead but is stopped by Punam saying he is forgetting they are standing in the police station so if he lashes out here then would be jailed. Radhika asks how did it all happen to Dadi and what was the reason behind it, she says Dadi was with him in the morning and when she was in the office then even talked with her so how did it happen so suddenly and why did she leave them. Mohan asks Radha to control herself, Gungun wonders what has she done and the lady was Pari Dadi.

The Inspector coming says Mr Kholi has to go to the hospital and identify the dead body, Radhika replies she is their Dadi while it can be normal for everyone else but not them as they have lost their mother, she was the eldest in their house who had her blessings on them all, how can Inspector call her as a dead body, the Inspector leaves after apologizing to them when Mohan says even he will accompany her to the hospital. Mohan turns to Gungun who is emotional, he hugs her tightly assuring nothing is going to happen to her and she must stop crying. Mohan leaves with her.

Yug along with Radhika and Punam are walking in the hospital while Mohan is following them, Gungun tells her father she is very scared but he replies they will sort out something so she should not be worried as he is by her side, Mohan starts following them again. Yug enters the morgue, the ward boy takes off the sheet to reveal the face of Pari Dadi seeing which both Radhika and Punam are stunned. Radhika recalls how she would enjoy her time with Pari Dadi while even Punam is stunned, Mohan comes to the door while being emotional, he recalls about his first meeting with Pari Dadi and she was joyed by his attention so called him as her friend. Radhika requests Dadi to wake up explaining it cannot happen as everyone is here for her so she should wake up. Punam is also crying saying her mom cannot leave like this. Yug is frustrated so asks his Grandmother to wake up since Radhika is requesting her while she should not do this to Radhika and wake up to talk to her, Yug demands her Grand mother should wake up saying Bhagwan took her from them while Punam keeps staring at him, Yug says how can Dadi leave them. Mohan keeps thinking when Pari Dadi said she would have left with him had they met earlier, Mohan walks away while Punam and Radhika are still emotional.Yug is just standing there so asks both Radhika and Punam to come with him as the three of them walk out of the morgue.

Mohan walks back to Gungun who is sitting on the bench and he sits by her side crying a lot, Gungun apologizes to her father saying how could she have made such a big mistake, Mohan replies she has indeed made a very big mistake now they have to do what is right, and should accept the punishment while inform the police of everything.

Yug helps Radhika sit on the bench while Punam is still standing, Yug says if Radhika cries like this then would get ill so she must control her emotions when he knows she is very worried. The inspector says Pari Dadi had a severe injury and the accident happened on the first turn of MG road but she had died on the spot. Punam asks Yug to come with her but he replies Radhika is not well however Punam pulls him inside. Mohan notices the inspector walking away and how Radha is crying, he gets worried.

Punam pushes Yug into the room then slaps him tightly, she is furious at him, asking why is he looking angrily at her questioning if he would kill her like he killed his own Dadi, Punam keeps slapping him again and again, Yug asks for a moment, Punam questions what sort of a person is he when he has killed his own Grandmother who used to love him dearly, explaining his Grandmother loved him so much that he first took the name of Dadi while now he killed her. Punam keeps slapping Yug asking why did he do it, Mohan asks if Gungun trusts him explaining the Inspector is standing right there and they have to tell him the truth, even if it was by mistake so now they have to do what is right even if they are punished for it. Mohan says she is under age and did not know what she was doing so it was wrong to drive the car but now they donot have any other choice so must confess, Mohan asks Gungun to come with her, he starts walking towards the Inspector while Gungun is following him. Mohan stops the Inspector saying he wanted to talk to him and so says that last night just then the doctor informs the Inspector of the post mortum explaining it happened at eleven o clock last night so the accident would also have happened at the same time. Mohan is tensed but then Gungun thinks about how she was filling the form so thinks someone else murdered Dadi.

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