Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th July 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th July 2024 Written Update by

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Harsh tells the real truth to Amruta about what happened at Isha’s place. Amruta thinks Harsh will never swear on her and Bhavani and speak a lie.
Bhavani asks the police inspector if they can take Harsh home and speak to him. The police inspector says to Bhavani that Harsh is charged with molestation and asks Bhavani to stop thinking that Harsh will come out of jail. Amruta notices Isha smiling to herself. Amruta comes to Isha and says to Isha that if Harsh has really done what she said then Amruta will really punish Harsh but if she is falsely accusing Harsh then Amruta will not leave Isha. Amruta takes Bhavani to a side.

Virat meets the lawyer. The lawyer says to Virat that it will not be easy to get a divorce in this matter. Virat asks the lawyer to do whatever it takes and says he needs a divorce from Priyanka at any cost.

Virat’s cousin sister comes to Virat and reveals to Virat that Harsh gone to jail. Virat thinks Amruta sent Harsh to jail for a small theft in the house and comments on it. Priyanka overhears Virat’s comments and decides to tell about this to Isha.

Amruta says to Bhavani that Harsh will get bail. The police inspector hearing it bring Harsh out of his cell and hits him. Amruta asks the police inspector why are they hitting Harsh. The police inspector reveals to Chiknesh family that Harsh molested a minor and asks the Chiknesh family to forget that he will get bail and comments on it. Virat overhears all of this.

Isha comes and asks Amruta what was the argument about in his house. Isha reveals to the cops that Harsh stole money from his own home and says a person like that can do anything. Harsh reveals to everyone that he did that theft for her and comments on it. Isha comments on Harsh.

Deepika reveals to Babita that Harsh has gone to jail as he molested a minor. Babita hearing it decides to throw the Chiknesh family out of these apartments for Harsh’s actions. Nimrit asks Babita why is she taking a stand for a girl whom she doesn’t know and Babita is not taking a stand for her own daughter. Babita says small things happen in between Husband and wife and comments on it.

Virat asks Amruta if she is sure that Harsh hasn’t done anything. Amruta says she is sure.

Ishika and other apartment ladies come to Jahan’s house looking for Chiknesh family. Ishika and others barge into the house but they don’t find her so they destroy things in Jahan Kaur home. Amruta comes and stops Ishika and others. Ishika argues with Amruta and asks the Chiknesh family to leave. Amruta says they will not leave from here as the accusation against Harsh hasn’t been proven. Babita comes and comments on Chiknesh family.

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