Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th June 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Yug thinks if Gungun tells everything to Radhika then it would cause a lot of problem so he has to stop her, Yug turns back to leave but then suddenly sees the cart, he slowly starts walking towards it seeing which Gungun gets nervous, so she prepares to run away and Yug gets a smile on his face when throws all of thee cans on Yug who falls on the floor, Gungun starts running with all her might while Yug is following her again even when he is limping.

Mohan asks Manan who does keep such long hair at such a young age, Ketki wonders what has Radha made her brother as he has became an hair dresser, Manan tells Uncle M he always goes to cut hair with his mother, Mohan replies today he is with his father when Manan asks what does he mean, Mohan says he is also just like his father so explain that his hair dresser would cut his hair in a very strange manner and it is good that the father of Manan is cutting his hair rather he meant the one like his father, Mohan says he will give such a haircut that Manan will seem like a hero, Manan asks who taught Uncle M how to do the hair cut, Mohan says it was the internet as they had to do everything on their own, Mohan is cutting the hair of Manan seeing which even Kadambari is smiling. Keti and Ajeet keep looking at them.

Gungun and Champi are running while Yug is following them with the intention to catch them, Mohan is meanwhile cutting the hair of Manan asking him to tell how is he looking, Manan is amazed to see himself in the mirror and then says he is looking very nice, he even blows a whistle seeing the haircut, Ajeet is also impressed but Ketki scolds him, Manan sees his mother standing behind him and she asks what hs he done to his hair, she tells Manan that she was searching for him in the entire colony, Mohan says she should think about his feelings, Radhika replies it is not worth while talking to some people, Manan says Uncle M said they would surprise her with the new haircut but Radhika does not like it and then tries to correct it, Manan says this is the style while she has gotten old and outdated, Radhika threatens to slap him if he does not listen to her, she angrily asks him to get down, she says that she has told Mr Trivedi to stay away from her and her son, while it would be good if he starts searching for a new home as it would be suitable for his family, Radhika angrily tries to pick Manan but then asks Mohan to help her, he immediately helps Manan get down the chair.Mohan says he should go to jogging from tomorrow, Radhika however takes him.

Punam is worried if Yug has done something wrong with Manan again, she thinks about calling Yug and then thinks she might have left her phone in the other room.

Radhika is scolding Manan saying that he has made a hideous hair design so should correct it but Manan runs away, Gungun while running into the society bumps into Radhika who asks why is she taking such deep breaths, Radhika asks Gungun to come with her in the house, Yug thinks it would be a problem if Gungun tells Radhika about him so he has to stop her. Radhika asks Gungun to be calm and drink water, Yug after punching the wall starts walking back towards the house. Radhika asks where did she go and how did she met Champi, Gungun says from the street near her school, Radhika asks what was she doing there when Gungun explains she will tell her everything from the start and says Yug uncle is not a nice person, Yug enters the house when Radhika asks her what does she mean so Gungun starts revealing how Manan said that the hoodie man was about to kill him but then Champi bit him on the leg, she saw Yug uncle limping outside the school hearing this Yug gets worried. Gungun keeps explaining that Manan told her someone snatched the mask from him in the party, and she then saw Yug uncle trying to burn it but she managed to pick it up, she then sent Ramaa a text to meet her at the back street of her school but she instead met Yug uncle who was about to stab her when Champi once again bit him. Radhika turning calls Yug, she says that she knows why is Gungun doing it, as she along with her father are teasing her by putting such things in her mind, and this story was told to her by her father and he knew that she will never listen to her this is why he sent Gungun, Radhika warns Gungun to not say another bad word about Yug, then Radhika says Yug told her all these things before, Gungun says she even has proof and takes out the mask from her bag which Radhika is shocked to see, Gungun is worried telling Radhika that this was the same mask which Yug uncle was wearing when he attacked Manan, Radhika says Yug showed her the video in which Gungun burned the mask and then threw water on it, Yug showed the video to her last night, Gungun is stunned while looking at it, and how she was the one who threw water over the mask. Yug recalls how he made the video of Gungun picking the mask and then trapped Gungun in her own plan. Radhika replies it is possible that Gungun brought the mask and then burned it to trap Yug, while would have brought it to their house so Manan gets scared, Gungun asks her to think why would she do it, Gungun replies she has another proof, Yug uncle has a black color bag containing a knife, which the hoodie man had and he even has a black hoodie, which Manan told were in the possession of the hoodie man. Yug asks what is Gungun talking about when she gave the bag, Radhika leaves when Yug keeps blaming Gungun, Radhika brings the bag saying this is the regular gym bag which Yug uses every day and he said that she praised the hoodie and this bag once when he was going to drop her, Radhika tells Gungun it is enough, Yug signals her to remain quiet. She is glad that she knew the whole story otherwise the story of Gungun was so true that she might have believed, Gungun pleads with Radhika to believe her. Gungun says she can even understand the bag and the hoodie but what is the steel, Radhika says it is the dumbel rod, she asks Gungun to wait while she will show her. Radhika takes out the rod from the bag. Radhika tells Gungun that Yug goes to the gym with the bag and she should not make a fuss of it, Gungun replies how Manan said that Champi bit the person and Yug uncle has the same mark, Gungun says she came that night to check if Yug uncle has the mark or not but it was not visible as he has covered it while today she has seen it and Radhika can look for herself, Yug accepts he has a mark but nor from that day but today as Champi bit him due to Gungun, Yug says just because he had caught her in the middle of the night then she ruined his image in front of his wife, Yug asks what has he done that Gungun is coming after him, she broke into their house while today asked the dog to bite him, then she might get him killed. Radhika asks Yug to relax questioning Gungun what is it all, Gungun asks if Radhika thinks she is lying when Yug says if Gungun implying he is the one lying while she is telling the truth after taking out such a lowered pitch voice.

Mohan is smiling after looking at the hair, Ketki asks if he is healthy when Mohan says this hair would ruin Radha, because these hairs are going to prove the truth and return his son, Ketki and Ajeet are stunned while Mohan is smiling.

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