Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Palki is walking in the corridor when she hits Rajveer so is about to fall but he manages to catch her, they both start looking at each other in the eyes and get a bit nervous, Rajveer says he is not able to tell it often and is not of that type who say it easily and wants to say that she is looking very pretty, he says she is also smart who can understand the problem, she is just like his mother when Palki asks if he is not complimenting her a lot but he replies he is telling the truth when she says thanks, he replies she can also say something about him, she replies she does not know what she is feeling when she is around him, she is able to say anything to those who offend her but something happens to her, Rajveer says he wants to hear what happened to her, Palki turns to leave but Rajveer stops her holding her hand, she tries to free her hand however he pulls her towards him, she with a smile keeps staring at her while Rajveer is also just looking at her.

Palki sees Rajveer playing the piano after which he starts singing the song, she comes to dance around him but he keeps playing it, she then asks Rajveer for the dance after which they both start the dance together which they are enjoying a lot, Rajveer even lifts Palki during the performance but she is not saying anything however just following him in the performance, he is able to hold her, they both keep looking at each other once again, Palki runs away from him while Rajveer thinks what if she felt bad about it.

Varun says that mom did not make the right decision by going to Dubai as there is a lot of stress, karan asks Varun what has happened and why is he yelling at his mom, Varun asks what can he do as he does not have the right to yell at Karan sir and why did he risk his entire business, Varun says Karan did not even discuss anything with him and is wrong, Karan replies he has not done anything wrong while has chosen the path as he believes the family is more important the business, he is very angry at Anshuman but cannot do anything, Varun replies there are a lot of ways which he can find, Rajveer asks why is Varun so furious as he is reacting as if he owns the property, Varun replies indeed the property is his, he says he meant that the Luthra family is also his own, Rajveer replies that Varun should not behave like this when Karan owns the property, Karan asks Rajveer to calm down otherwise they both would get in an argument, Karan says that Varun is also a part of his family and he cares what is happening to them, Varun says this is what he meant and if the plan fails then everything would be ruined since Anshuman Panday is a very clever person so he is still going to stand with Karan, who replies he is glad to see that Varun thinks this loss is his own and he is blessed, Varun replies he thinks more about the respect of Karan sir because what would happen to them, Varun says he agrees with Shaurya because Rajveer is habitual of living in poverty while Shaurya and the Luthra family have never liked this so it is all the fault of Rajveer. Karan asks Varun to answer the call and he leaves, Rajveer says why is Varun behaving that this business his own, Karan says that not everyone can handle stress because Rajveer is able to handle it while Shaurya and Varun cannot handle it but they are not able to find any solution for it, Karan says Rajveer is thinking about how to find the solution to Anshuman Panday so tells him there is a difference in both the things.

Varun is walking when kavya stops him asking where is he going, he replies he is going to make a call when she says she would take him with her, she comes to stand by his side when he gets angry at her saying she should leave him alone as he wants to make a call, Kavya starts crying when he asks her to go and tell he brothers that he scolded her, Preeta sees Kavya crying so gets furious thinking Varun would be the one behind it.

Varun enters the room asking Aaliya why is she constantly calling hi and has someone died, she replies she knows he is in the Luthra Mansion so then Varun replies that what would she do about it all, he says she should not call him again as he is in the Luthra Mansion. Varun says that what can she do, Aaliya asks him to not talk to her like this as she is his wife, he asks what can he do as he is not her servant and has a very important thing, Preeta snatches his phone which shocks Varun, she asks Aaliya if she is the same girl who was in the Burqa so she agrees, Varun then snatches the phone back. Varun tells Preeta that she cannot dominate him like she does Kavya and should ask him all she desires to know, Varun reveals that Aaliya is his past and wants to enter the present while he would not let it happen at any cost, Preeta is furious at him, asking what does he mean that she is his past, Varun replies she is his ex wife and Kavya knows nothing about it, he warns Preeta to nto interfere in his personal matters which would not be good for her. Palki opens the door seeing which Varun gets shocked.

Sandy asks Shaurya what does he keep doing as it is all wrong and he is ruining himself, Shaurya orders Sandy to shut up asking who can he destroy himself when he loves himself too much, he tells Sandy to not comment on these things while should see how he tolerates all that is happening in the house, revealing he gets irritated by it all and tries to act that he is normal when in reality he is very troubled, he would just drink this coffee. Nidhi entering the kitchen pours some more coffee for him saying he should understand what is happening and she tells him abut the things in the house so he should find a solution to these problems but he keeps remaining out of his senses then they will lose it all, and what he should have done would be done by Rajveer, he will become a super star for everyone. Nidhi says she does not know that Rakhi mom, Dadi or anyone else in the house trusts him but she trusts him and and wants him to be the one to bring the Luthra family out of the trap of Anshuman Panday and become the king of this family.

Varun questions why is Palki staring at him like this and orders her to get out calling her a servant, Preeta questions why does he think she is a servant when palki is the daughter in law of her house, she says Varun is not like as he seems and tries to be polite but now she has found out he does not have any manners, when Varun was misbehaving with the girl on his phone before that he misbehaved with Kavya and is now doing the same with Palki. Preeta questions what is about his ex wife and says he does not have any right to misbehave with Kavya while it would not be good for him, he says Varun should not mis behave with anyone, Varun says sorry explaining he was not talking to Palki but was calling her a servant, as she comes to this house to give them all the medicine and prepare food, Varun says Preeta should not expect this from her as should not act like a real mother while the moral of the story is that she should behave like the servant, Varun furiously walks away when Preeta is shocked.

Anshuman wonders why can he not see Karan, he then sees Karan walking with Rajveer so asks him for a private room so he can get the papers signed that were needed for the manager, and he would also put the same date. Karan asks Rajveer to show the study to Anshuman when he asks Rajveer to tell his manager while he will bring the lawyer. Karan thinks about telling Preeta so asks Karina Bua, Nidhi asks him to stop it all as this is effecting not only her but even Shaurya and she says Karan should top giving poison to her son, Karina taking Karan aside asks if she would have to make him remember that Nidhi is his wife, Karan replies that Preeta is his wife and hearing this Nidhi is shocked.

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