Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th July 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Yug says now Gungun would be false accused of her murder so is going to jail while Mohan leaves for Varandhwan and Radhika would return to him, he says how he told her that no one can take Radhika away from her as he has made a very good planning. Yug says tomorrow he will get the CCTV footage from where the accident happened after which his plan would be successful, Yug says he will miss her smile and kind hearted behavior so is going to salute her,

Gungun replies she is sure she did not cause the accident because she had already reached the hospital by eleven and now feels that this is the planning. Mohan asks what is Gungun talking about as who considers herself his enemy, Gungun replies there is one person who considers her as his enemy and can even do it, she takes the name of Yug uncle informing Mohan does not have any idea about what he can do revealing he is a very bad person and is the one who locked Manan in the school, while is the same hoodie man and he even tried to attack her but then sent the person so he would not be suspected of doing anything but they are not ready to accept it, Gungun says even today Yug uncle is the one who instigated her and gave her the idea to take Sargam to the hospital. Mohan is shocked however Gungun replies she went to ask him for help but he refused to do it and said she should herself take her sister to the hospital.

Radhika is walking in the corridor of the hospital with teary eyes.

Mohan asks Gungun to let go of Yug as he is a mad person, but if Pari Dadi got hit by her car, Radhika is stunned hearing it, Gungun also gets shocked seeing her standing there, Radhika closes the door behind her while coming to stand in front of Gungun asking if she caused the accident of Pari Dadi, Radhika is stunned saying Gungun hit Pari Dadi with her car and took her life, Radhika starts crying while Gungun is trying her best to explain herself, Radhika says Gungun has made a very big mistake and she also did the same mistake, as the first day when Gungun hit her then she should have not supported her that day and forget it thinking of it as a mistake, if she had taken Gungun to the police station then such a big accident should not have happened. Radhika keeps crying saying that she could not even think about it, Radhika apologizes to Dadi as she also made a mistake and is at fault, Mohan tries to explain that Gungun did not do it but Radhika warns him to not even think about taking her side as whatever happened today is also on him, saying she left Gungun due to him as she knew that Gungun would just learn good things but she has committed a crime today by taking the life of someone, she asks if this is his up bringing but Radha is not ready to listen, explaining she even stopped him in the morning to not let Gungun drive the car as she is under age then why did he do it, Radhika says it is the duty of the parents to teach the children between right and wrong and not let the mistake be a crime, Radhika says she is feeling as if they both have failed to become good parents today.

Yug comes out wondering where did Radhika go as she was here so he starts looking for her, Radhika turning to Gungun says she should forgive her but Gungun has made a mistake and she is not feeling nice saying it but Gungun would have to bear the punishment for her crime and if she tries to hide the crime then it would be even bigger then it, Gungun says Yug should know the truth about it, Mohan says Radha cannot tell anyone about it, Radha asks how can she not tell Yug since she was his Grandmother and he must know who is the real culprit, Radha sees Yug and Punam walking in the corridor, Mohan tries to stop her but she takes the name of Yug then Mohan covers her mouth, Yug enters after opening the door but is stunned to see the room is vacant, Mohan is hiding after covering the mouth of Radha in the other room with Gungun, Yug gets suspicious so tries to walk towards the room but Punam suggests they should look elsewhere. Radhika demands Mr Trivedi should leave her and Gungun requests her to calm down, Radhika replies she knows Gungun is scared but she is even more tensed and does not know what would happen to her after she tells it all to Yug but it is still necessary to do it since the Grandmother of Yug died, Gungun says that she did not kill Pari Dadi, Radhika asks how can she trust her when Gungun questions if Ramaa does not trust her, Gungun says she is going to prove it to her and then walks out of the room, she returns holding the file and asks Radhika to see that she filled the form after bringing Sargam and it even has her time, which is eleven o clock so this means she was here and the death time of Pari Dadi is the same, then how can she kill Pari Dadi when she was in the hospital, Mohan asks what did Radha say that he was not able to fulfill the duty of a father and he is going to say what kind of a father he is so he takes Radhika with him.

Yug is still searching thinking he has searched the entire hospital but what if Radhika has gone somewhere with Mohan, he thinks about calling her but turning is stunned to see his mother so asks if she knows where is Radhika, Punam asks him to stop saying that what if Radhika finds this truth about him, Yug questions who would tell her when only they both know it and he will not say anything to them but he would also not desire that anything happens to his mother.

Ketki and Ajeet are not able to believe that Pari Dadi died when Ajeet says he was worried about the family of Radha, ketki replies she is just worried about Mohan and Gungun who have not yet returned.

Mohan and Gungun reach the accident site with Radhika, Mohan says Gungun told him there was a lot of frost last night and then asks how can it be in the summers, he says it was the smoke from burning coconut, Radha says she knows that Mohan is just making stories as he can do anything for his loved ones, Mohan picks out the piece from the burning place saying this is why he was having a severe cough and there was no sign of blood. Radhika says because there was not the accident here, Radhika mentions that Gungun hit Pari Dadi at some distance but Gungun is adamant the accident happened at the same spot, Mohan says this means someone is trying to trap Gungun, Radhika asks who would try to trap her, Gungun takes the name of Yug uncle hearing which Radhika asks her to stop and not blame Yug for everything explaining she knows him very well since the past seven years and he loves his Dadi a lot, Gungun asks then when she went to help him last night then why did he refuse and send her away, Radhika is shocked.

Precap: Yug says to inspector the place where accident took place there is a shop which has CCTV camera installed. Inspector asks how do you know so much details. Yug says sometimes I smoke there that’s why I know. Radha listens the conversation and says Yug never smoke.
Mohan says to Radha, me and Gungun were trying to make you understand but you were not ready to listen anything about Yug. Radha says now you only tell how can I trust anything after seeing the situation and she hugs him.

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