Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 8th July 2024 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 8th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Shakti shows snake skin to the family and says there is a snake in this house, I found this in Mohini’s clothes. She is a stranger and suddenly I found a snake skin in her clothes so what’s her truth? It means.. Padma comes there and screams snake.. she says I found snake skin in my room. Sundari says I found one in my room also. Shakti is confused. Mohini says this means there is a snake in this house so don’t blame me, we have to find that snake first. Padma says she is right, we have to find that snake before it bites someone. Ragunath says maybe Dadi got into an accident because of that. Mohini tells Shakti that she will help her in finding it. All family members start looking around for snake. Shakti thinks she has to find the truth, she goes from there. Mohini thinks this Shakti is smart, I have to take care of her soon.

Shakti calls Shiv and says I have to tell you something. Shiv says Dadi woke up, she says that’s great. He says she isn’t able to speak at the moment but I will do her treatment. She thinks I can’t give him stress, she says I will talk to you later.

Shakti looks at Dadi’s photo and recalls Dadi trying to tell her something about a snake and then her finding the snake skin in Mohini’s clothes. Kartik comes there and asks when will Dadi come home? she says soon. Shakti says I shouldn’t ignore Dadi’s words. She prays in the mandir to show her some way and suddenly a flower falls near her. She thanks the Lord for showing her a path. She says I won’t let anyone harm my family. I have to find out what Dadi was trying to tell me. Mohini comes there so Shakti apologizes to her for blaming her. She says its okay, you were saying something? Shakti says I doubted you because you are new here, just be careful as the snake might harm you. If the snake tries to harm my family then I won’t spare it. Mohini nods and starts leaving, she looks herself in the mirror and sees her snake self, she thinks Shakti can’t see me like this. She runs from there. Shakti gets an idea and goes to Mohini’s room but Shiv comes there and asks what is she doing here? are you hiding something? She says I want to tell you something about Mohini.

Precap: Shakti applies paint on Mohini’s footwear. She follows the paint marks and finds Mohini meditating in middle of the night.

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