Rab Se Hai Dua 10th July 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 10th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Subhan thinks the video will burn Mannat’s heart.

Kaynaat tells Mannat that Ibadat has completely trapped Subhan, how can they be this close? Mannat says we have to find out the truth behind this video.

Dua tells everyone that Subhan deleted the message, he must have sent it by mistake. Ibadat comes there and asks Subhan what did he send on the family group and deleted it? All laugh. Hamida says it wasn’t for us to see so he deleted it. Ibadat asks for his phone but he runs away so he goes behind her. Hafeez tells Hamida that she should talk to the kids so not do this again. Hamida jokes that she can’t tell them to not make those videos. Dua says maybe Sufi can talk to them? he says I can’t.

Kaynaat tells Gulnaz that if I lose my son to Ibadat then Mannat will lose everything, we have to do something fast. Mannat thinks she has to find the truth behind Ibadat and Subhan’s relationship. She leaves from there. Hamida finds them talking and gets scared. She says it means Mannat and Kaynaat have been plotting against Ibadat and she has no clue. I am sure she was behind all the incidents. Gazal destroyed Dua’s life but I won’t let Mannat do the same with Ibadat.

Ibadat runs behind Subhan and tries to take her phone, he says why do you want your phone back? are you having an affair with someone? she says shut up. She runs behind him to take the phone but he locks himself in the washroom and checks her phone. She says give me my phone, I have to call someone. Subhan checks her phone and says she didn’t get the video so its fine. He comes back out and gives the phone back. He finds Mannat spying on them and pulls Ibadat closer. She says what are you doing? He says I want to spend time in your arms, he hugs her tightly so Ibadat is about to hug him back but Mannat leaves from there so he pushes her away. She is confused with his behaviour.

In the morning, Mannat comes to Ibadat and says you don’t have time for me these days. I think Subhan doesn’t let you have any free time. Are you having fun nights with him? Hamida comes there and says I need tea so Ibadat come with me, she takes her from there.

All family members sit to have breakfast, all smile at Ibadat. She asks what happened? Dua says nothing, did you sleep yesterday night? are you tired? Hamida says she must have not got time to sleep. Ibadat says what’s wrong with you all? Dua says we have an idea what happened last night. Ibadat is confused and says what do you mean? Hamida says you must have had good time with Subhan. Mannat comes there and says stop teasing her. She takes her from there. Mannat shows her some names and says we can choose one for your and Subhan’s babies. Ibadat coughs hearing that. Mannat says you both have consummated so I can expect that right? Ibadat asks who told you that? Mannat says Subhan told everyone.

The episode ends.

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