Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th July 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Virat Syas why is Priyanka doing all this with Harsh? Amruta says she has a problem with me. She wanted to break me this way. She wants us to leave. This was your wife’s plan. He says she’s not my wife. I signed those papers. Both copies are missing. There is only one that is missing last paper. I divorced her and she got the alimony. Amruta packs her bags. Virat says let me help you. Bhavani says I packed my things. Virat asks are you sure? She says I know my plan.

Babita hugs Nimrit. Nimrit cires. Babita says I am so sot again. It’s not fair didn’t think Rajiv would do it again. Nimrit says but we have to do something. I can’t tolerate all this. Babita says what do you have in mind? She says can we send him to his parent’s place? Babita says what will people say? She says like Virat divorced Priyanka. Babita says no. You’re a girl. you can’t get a divorce. It’s not that easy for you. We can give him a company. He will be happy that way and will keep you happy too. She says keep wearing these glasses.

Scene 2
Priyanka says to Amruta what are you doing here with your stuff? I am Virat’s wife. Virat says she is my wife. He says to Dildar what is happening here? Amruta says my father-in-law asked me and my mom to stay here. He only helped us. Dildar says yes. Babita says you didn’t even ask me? Bhavani says we can live on the same terrace we lived in before. It is a public property. Dildar says this is your house. Priyanka is angry. Babita says how can they stay there? Dildar says it doesn’t matter.

Scene 3
Harsh calls Amruta and tells her they are gonna shift him to a bigger jail tomorrow. He says I am so scared. Amruta says don’t worry. Be strong. We have to do something. He says please save me. Amruta says I am trying. Virat comes there. He says we have to work on our plan. Virat and Amruta try to take Priyanka’s fingerprint. Priyanka says to Virat I knew you can’t stay away from me. Come sit with me here. He says don’t take my pillow. She says you can sleep with me. Virat leaves with his pillow. Amruta hides under the bed.

Virat and Amruta sneak out. He says I did that to distract her. Amruta says did I ask you? Amruta shows him Priyanka’s phone that she stole. They read the messages. Virat says you’ve become start after living with me. Priyanka looks for her phone.

Amruta texts Isha to come meet her from Priyanka’s phone. Priyanka comes there and asks what are you both planning? Amruta hugs Virat to hide the phone. Priyanka says Amruta left Virat. Virat says she is my wife. Get out.

Episode end

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