Rab Se Hai Dua 4th June 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 4th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 4th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kaynaat cries and tells the family that she destroyed Subhan’s life, she should have never accepted Mannat for him after she eloped for the first time, this is all my fault. Subhan comes there and says this is all my fault. All look on. Ibadat comes there too. Subhan goes to Hafeez and puts his guitar and mask in his feet. Hafeez asks what is this? Subhan says this is my hidden identity but its time to tell you the truth. You think singing is a sin but I am that singer, I am Secret Superstart. I am the sinner in your eyes. All are shocked hearing that. Ibadat recalls Mannat being obsessed with the singer. She thinks its Subhan only that Mannat was crazy for. Hafeez angrily leaves. Nigar says he is a big star, I want his autograph. Kaynaat tells Subhan that we were proud to think you are a pious man but you are the sinner. You are paying for your sins, that’s why Mannat left you. Ibadat says don’t say that, he is an artist and make people happy. What happened with Subhan isn’t his fault. Subhan says don’t interfere between me and my mother, she is totally right. I wish I didn’t trust you before, you are the biggest liar here. He tells Kaynaat that he did sins and didn’t listen to her but I promise I am going to end this. There will be no secret superstar. He breaks his guitar in anger. Sufi stops him as he falls down and cries. Ibadat tries to go to him but Hamida stops her. Kaynaat consoles him and says everything will be fine. She screams for Dua to come and see what her daughter has done with her son.

Scene 2

Mannat starts cleaning the house she is living in with Farhan.

Ibadat sadly recalls Subhan telling her that she is dead to him from now on. She says I wish I could share his pain. Ravi comes there and says I got the information about Mannat. Ibadat says lets go and bring her back then. Dua comes there and says don’t you dare bring her back, she is dead to me so she can’t come back. Ibadat says if anything happens to her then what? she is your daughter. Dua says I have only one daughter, she is dead to me. She tells Ravi to not try to find Mannat anymore, I have forgotten her completely, she leaves from there. Ibadat cries and thinks how will she save Mannat?

Mannat is cleaning the house when finds something and starts screaming.

Ibadat tells Ravi that she saw a dream that Mannat is in danger, lets go and find her. Ravi says no.. Dua has made me promise so I can’t go and find her. What she did with us was wrong and never thought about us at all. She will be responsible for what happens with her, she has chosen her path so let her be and forget about her, he leaves.

Mannat finds Farhan injured and bleeding. He says Armaan did this with me for money. He wanted me to give jewellery and you to him but how could I? Mannat cries and says no one can be trusted here. They are all liars, what will I do now?

Armaan is waiting for Farhan and says soon Mannat is going to mine and I will own all the wealth of Akhtar family. Mannat comes there and slaps him hard.

Ibadat comes to Subhan and says I need your help, he says I don’t want to talk to you. She begs him.

Precap: Armaan shouts Ibaadat’s name and says come with me Mannat is in danger, Farhan is trying to sell her. Ibaadat gets angry and agrees to go with him. Dua stops her and says no need to save her, we don’t have any relation with Mannat now. Her bus also stops her from leaving. Ibaadat says someone is trying to sell my sister and I won’t let that happen.

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