Suhaagan 4th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 4th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 4th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi informing Krish and Bindiya that Phoolmati is buying many things, don’t know from where she got the money. She says she feels that someone must have given her money to give wrong testimony. Krish says don’t worry Dadi, nobody can separate us. Babli is upset that she lost. Her mother tells that men like the women and not the wrestlers. Babli goes to Payal and asks her to make her get ready. Payal refuses. Babli threatens to expose her. Payal makes her get ready. Babli comes to hall and tells that she has made food for Krish. Indu laughs at her. Babli is about to fall, when Krish holds her. Babli imagines song and guitar playing in background. Bindiya comes to Krish and makes him move. She says they are stuck with us like a magnet, and says we shall think what to do? Krish says I have decided. They go to Birju’s village sarpanch. Krish offers money to Sarpanch and asks him to tell the truth and promises to give him double money always. Sarpanch tells truth that Bindiya and Birju were never married, and tells that Birju bribed all the villagers to lie. They thank Sarpanch.

Krish and Bindiya come home and wait for Birju’s village Sarpanch to come. Birju asks if he is waiting for someone to come and save his wife’s respect and says nobody is going to come. He tells everyone that Krish is wasting everyone’s time. He provokes Krish and says your anger is like phuski bomb, and says if I was on your place then would have killed the guy who try to take my wife. He says just 48 hours, I will take Bindiya from here. Krish gets angry and grabs his collar. Bindiya asks Krish to calm down and says Birju wants to provoke you to do some mistake to get trapped in his conspiracy. Amma says Bindiya is right. Birju’s Sarpanch calls Krish and asks him to come and save him, and tells about his location. Bindiya says I will also come with you. Krish says no, I will handle. Bindiya insists to go with him. Krish gives his swear and goes.

Bindiya prays to God for Krish. baldev, Amma and Indu come there. Baldev says he has talked to Dadi and she is ready to take up Payal’s responsibility. Bindiya says Payal is still unwell. Indu says she shall not stay here even for a day. Bindiya says there is no good treatment facility there. baldev says we will get her treatment done. Payal comes there with her bags and says I will not forget your favor. Indu says if you stay with your Dadi, then yourDadi will be happy too. Payal says she is not going to Chirayya, but is going to an orphanage in barabanki, and will teach the kids there. Bindiya asks her to stop here for few days. Amma says she has taken the right decision for the first time. Payal says let me go. She turns to go, smirks and falls intentionally to stay back. She says she is feeling pain in her leg. Amma says this means your leg have become fine, as you felt the pain.

Precap: Birju threatens Bindiya that let Krishna marry his sister and asks Bindiya to spend a night with him or else he will kill Krishna.

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