Rab Se Hai Dua 6th February 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 6th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 6th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

The family is searching for Gazal in the house. Dua asks Ruhaan to check the CCTV footage, Gulnaz says its good that Gazal is gone, Kaynaat says she ran away. Dua says that baby is ours, its Haider’s blood and mine. She asks Ruhaan to go and check the CCTV footage, he goes from there.

Otherside Gazal is tied in a warehouse and screams for help. She says I won’t spare that Ruhaan once I am out of here. She frees herself and looks outside the window but she is locked and can’t get out. She says how will I leave this place?

Dua cries for Gazal’s protection. Hamida says stop crying. Dua says she is pregnant so I am worried. Ruhaan comes there and says all CCTV footage of last night has been deleted. Dua says how can that happen? Haider comes there and says the guards were sleeping and didn’t see anyone leaving the house. Dua says there is something missing.. I think someone is behind this. Gulnaz says Gazal must be behind all this, Dua says we have to find her first. Dua gets a message from Gazal. She plays her voicenote which says that she is free from her cage now, she would never allow Dua to control her life so she ran away and she is going to kill herself and the baby. Goodbye. All are shocked hearing that. Dua gets dizzy so Haider holds her. He says I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Gulnaz says we all know Gazal doesn’t care about an innocent baby and would kill it to hurt us. Kaynaat says we couldn’t cage Gazal for long.

Scene 2

Gazal says why is this happening with me? I just wanted my rights. Ruhaan must have played my voicenote to them and they would be thinking that I am going to kill my baby. The flashback shows how the person tortured her to record her voicenote.

Dua tells the family that she had put a tracker in Gazal’s shoes so she can track her. She finds her location and tells Haider that we should go there. They all come out of the house and Dua says she must be around as the location is of nearby only. The family start looking around and Dua finds a hoodie which she saw last night. She finds Gazal’s shoes there and says it means Gazal didn’t run away, she must have been abducted. I am sure of this.

Gazal says how will Dua reach to me? she can’t find me here.

Dua tells the family that the keys were taken from my drawer so it means Gazal couldn’t run away, someone stole the keys from my room and took Gazal away. I am sure someone is behind Gazal going missing, she was abducted. Dadi says I saw Gazal sleeping in her room. Dua says they must have kidnapped her later on. She goes to Gazal’s room and starts looking around for proof. Dua finds blood on the floor and shows it to Haider, all are shocked. Dua says it means someone attacked Gazal and took her away. Kaynaat says let her be. Dua says I am sure.. she was forced to send that voicenote to us. Haider says you are reaching to no end. Dua says Gazal wanted to tell us something when she mentioned a cage, I am sure someone has abducted her, I just want our baby safe.

Precap: Dua says to Gulnaz for god’s sake stop cursing him. Gulnaz says I’m sure someone kidnapped her. Dua says I know who kidnapped Gazal.

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