Rab Se Hai Dua 9th June 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 9th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 9th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ibadat tells the family that Dua is in this condition because of me. I have ignored all her mistakes till now but not anymore. I don’t care about her anymore, she can live or die for all I want. She sits with Dua and cries. Hamida consoles her and says everything will be fine. Let her rest. All family members leave.

Farhan and Mannat lie in bed. He tries to touch her but she stops him and says don’t force yourself on me. He says I have a right on you, she says not for now. We aren’t married yet. She goes to sleep. Farhan thinks he would have killed her if she wasn’t a golden hen for him.

Hamida tells Hafeez that if they want to leave Dua in this condition then they can leave. Kaynaat says we should leave, our flight time is near. She asks Subhan to get up, lets go. He starts leaving with her but Ibadat holds his hand and stops him. She says Dua needs her first son right now, please stop. She really needs you. Kaynaat says stop with this emotional drama, Ibadat says Dua always took him as her first son. She is in a critical condition, she needs her family with her now. Kaynaat says you, your sister and your mother have lost your shame. If your mother is dying then why should my son stay back? I know why you are doing this. Why Subhan has to save you lot? Ibadat says Dua didn’t need to take care of you as well. She gave you the house in London, she worked hard to give you a good life. Kaynaat says I can’t believe you are taunting me with money now. Ibadat says Dua could have ignored everyone when she lost her husband but she worked hard to make sure the business is stable and everyone has a good life. When she needs her family then you are leaving her? Mannat did wrong but at least she showed the real face of everyone. You were here when it was all happy and cheerful but you are saying you don’t care when Dua is ill? Kaynaat says I can answer you back but I still am a good person. We aren’t going to stay back at any cost. She asks Subhan to come with her. He sadly looks at Ibadat and starts leaving with his family. Kaynaat takes him away. Ibadat breaks down and cries.

Scene 2

Farhan wakes up and sees Mannat sleeping, he silently leaves from there. Mannat wakes up and says where would he go at this time? She goes behind him. Farhan leaves the house and locks the door. Mannat tries to open it but can’t. She recalls how she had tempered with the door earlier as she had a doubt on him. She opens it and follows him.

Ibadat cries and tells Hamida to stop Farhan, we need him, Dua needs him. Hina cries and says my kids left me. Hamida consoles them and says we have to be strong for Dua now.

Subhan is leaving the house and recalls Ibadat’s words that Dua needs him right now.

Hamida consoles Ibadat and says we can’t stop people from leaving, stop crying. You have to take care of Dua now, she needs you so be strong.

Kaynaat asks Subhan to sit in the car but he says no. He runs back to the house where Ibadat is waiting for him. She runs towards the door and opens it to find Subhan standing there.

The episode ends.

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