Radhakrishn 19th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 19th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 19th February 2020 Written Episode

Radha makes Shivling. Bholenath says it is very beautiful. Radha says it may look beautiful to him, but until she is satisfied, she will continue preparing it as Mahadev must be liking disciple’s pure heart and will bless her seeing her pure heart and devotion. Bholenath says believe him Mahadev is watching her right now and says her shivling will be prayed during mahashivratri pooja. Radha continues making shivling. Mahadev then goes to Krishna and describes Radha’s pure devotion and says he will attend Radha’s mahashivratri pooja. Krishna says he will attend from Rukmini’s side and will support his wife. He asks if Mahadev is sad as his friends Nandi and Ganpret are missing for pooja. Mahadev nods yes. Krishna says he will invite them all.

Rukmini praises Sudama’s Mahashivratri arrangements. Sudama says Bholenath insulted him saying its not enough. Rukmini says let us prove that this is the best Mahashivratri arrangement in whole Dwarka and prove that they are Mahadev’s biggest devotees. Nandi and Gangpret entering dancing and singing. Rukmini seeing her dirty clothes and body stops them and asking them who are they warn them to leave. Nandi says they are Mahadev’s biggest disciples and finish whole food kept for pooja. Sudama calls Krishna and asks for help. Krishna acts and requests them to leave, but they don’t. Rukmini calls Balram next who warn them to leave. Krishna stops him and says they are real Nandi and Ganpret who came to meet Mahadev/Bholenath. Balram watches them via his special powers and apologizing Nandi and Ganpret requests them to leave. Nandi and Ganpret walk away.

Nandi and Ganpret walk to Radha and request if they can celebrate Mahashivratri with her as other party didn’t let them in seeing their dirty body and clothes. Radha says Mahadev watches their devotion and not body or clothes, so they can pray with her. Parvathi walks in, and they all greet her. Parvathi via telepathy ask them not to greet her in front of Radha. Nandi says as she described Radha is really a devi of love. On the other side, Balram scolds Krishna for not informing him that Bholenath and Uma are Mahadev and Parvathi.

Precap: Mahadev requests Krishna that he and Parvathi are eager to watch Radha Krishna’s dance on Mahashivratri. Radha Krishna dance. Rukmini gets jealous seeing that.

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