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Ramayan 1st September 2013 Written Update by manzilmukul

The episode begins with the clash of two armies against each other in the battlefield. Ravan comes in his flying chariot and aims an arrow towards the sky .All the warriors including Lakshman ,Hanuman, Sugriva, Angad and Jamvant watch him. Ravan comes and challenges Ram and Lakshman .He is furious and announces that he will avenge the death of all his beloved people. He also harshly rebukes Ram calling him vanvasi and sings praises in his false self-pride and glory.

Ram mocks him saying that the word Ravan itself means rudan’ or hoax crying. He further calmly asks him to show his dexterity with his arrows rather than making false loud claims. Thus they start fighting .Several arrows are shot and Ravan uses different blessed arrows but all are counteracted by Ram. Ravan uses an arrow which makes the vanar sena faint but Ram uses another one to resurrect them. Ram challenges Ravan to fight fairly without using maya or chal .Angad blows the conch marking the end of the day and thus the fight is suspended for the night.

At their cantonment, in Ram’s tent, Lakshman applies herbal paste on Ram’s wounds.Lakshman is disheartened looking at the numerous wounds and expresses his despair and disappointment.
Ram pacifies him announcing that these wounds are the jewellery of the brave during war times.He further consoles Lakshman that he is not hurt anymore and is now rejuvenated .He also declares that this date will be written in the history when tomorrow he will defeat Ravan. Lakshman feels guilty that he is responsible for all this given to the fact of his weak moment when he left Sita due to her concerns. Ram asks him not talk like an ignorant person. He further clarifies that whatever happens is because of destiny. Sita was just a means to free the world from Adharm . He clarifies that if they had not entered this war then all their knowledge which they had acquired would have gone in vain. Thus whatever happens is a part of their destiny. Lakshman calls Ram Maryada Purushottam and Yugpurusha. Ram asks Lakshman to take rest .Lakshman touches his feet and leaves.

Next day at sunrise, Ram , Lakshman and all others walk out of their tent. Everyone hails the glory of Sri Ram .Ravan looks at his army with pride from his palace window. From the heavens above, Brahma and Lord Indra watch this sight. Lord Indra expresses his concern that the war is unfair as Ram is walking on bare feet and Ravan is fighting on his rath. Lord Brahma replies that today is the markesh dasha’ of Ravan and Lord Indra can send his divya rath to help Ram. The Divya Rath descends from the skies. All of them Lakshman ,Ram and the Vanars along with Jamvant stare in awe. Jamvant asks Ram to climb on the rath as Devendra has sent this to help him…Ram sits on the rath and clash begins again Ravan comes face to face with him on his chariot .

On seeing Ram on his chariot, Ravan wonders and senses the hand of some devtas .He uses his divya drishti to sense Indra’s hand and challenges that he will defeat Indra after fighting with Ram..

The fierce battle begins again and arrows are shot from both the sides. Ram’s arrow is counteracted by Ravan and thus he beams in pride but later on Ram resumes having the upper hand in the war.

All the Devtas watch curiously as Ram beheads Ravan but he laughs loudly mocking him as the head regrows again .Ravan continues laughing with the cycle of beheading and re-growing continues many times. After some time, all the ten heads of Ravan appear together and Dashanan mocks Ram.

Lakshman and others stare worried. Ram contemplates and suddenly remembers how Jamvant had once talked about Ravan death only when his amrit’ residing in his body will be over .Ram shoots arrow right in the middle in his abdomen and next his Brahmastra hits his chest. Ravan is hit and falls from his Rath ,the soul light from his body departs .Devtas shower petals and bow down to Ram. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh smile with pride !! Everyone hails the glory of Sri Ram.Lakshman cries and hail the glory of Sri Ram too. Ram acknowledges him saying that it’s their common victory.

In the Ashoka Vatika ,Hanuman gives the news of Ram’s victory to Sita .Sita is in a state of shock and is dumbfounded in abundant joy. Hanuman asks if he has committed any mistake .Sita denies and she is stupefied to hear such great news. She wonders what gift she can give him. She gives Hanuman the blessing that all the happiness of world will reside in his heart. Sita asks when will Sri Ram give her the order to meet him. Hanuman departs with her message.

Sita keeps on waiting..Trijata comes with clothes and jewellery with the news that after the coronation of Vibhishan he has ordered her release and handing over to Sri Ram Trijata asks her to get ready .Sita says she wants to meet her husband like this only as her husband is in Sadhu vesha and thus she has no wish to adorn royal clothes.

Sita comes to meet Ram who is facing the ocean. Both of them look at each other and have a teary eyed re-union. Sita touches his feet and both hug each other.

At the cantonment, Ram and Sita sit together. Ram is worried about Bharat as their Vanvaas had come to an end. He further recalls how Bharat will be worried and will commit suicide if there is delay of even a day in reaching Ayodhya. Hanuman offers to carry them on his back to help them reach Ayodhya within a day. However Vibhishan offers them a lift in their Pushpak Viman which Ravan had stolen from Kuber.

At the battlefield, everyone hail the glory of Lord Ram. Ram praises the Vanar Sena and calls it their common victory. He bids farewell to everyone while standing on the Pushpak Viman. He bows down to everyone applauding their effort and expressing his gratitude for helping them. Everyone hail the glory of Sri Ram .The pushpak viman embarks on its journey to Ayodhya along with Sita, Lakshman Sugriva , Hanuman ,Jamvant accompanying them .Vibhishana and the people at Lanka bid a teary good-bye to them.

There are Fireworks and celebrations in Ayodhya palace as Ram, Lakshman and Sita’s chariot returns to the Ayodhya palace in their royal clothes. The episode ends with the coronation of Ram and both Ram and Sita are shown smiling sitting in the throne of Ayodhya.

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  1. semsy
    September 06, 17:44 Reply

    So sad this intereting soap is coming to an end,well it was beautiful while it last,am ganna miss gagan malik,all d best.

  2. Suryakanta
    September 04, 11:34 Reply

    Really, ramayan was an intersting episode 4 me, i like Gagan mallik’s role vry much. I will miss it on evry sunday at 11 a.m

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