Reformation of juvenile criminals need of the hour, say Abhay Deol and Kabir Bedi

Actors Abhay Deol and Kabir Bedi passionately espoused the need to reform juvenile criminals rather than meting out tough punishments to them akin hardened adult criminals. The actors were a part of Channel V’s open panel discussion wherein they passionately debated the new proposed amendments to the Juvenile Justice Act and their repercussions on minor criminals.

As per the new amendments, the age of juvenile who has been accused of crimes such as rape and murder has been lowered to 16 from 18 years and the Juvenile Justice Board will have the power to decide whether a minor will be tried in a regular court or sent to a correctional centre. More importantly, if convicted juveniles may face a jail term but will not be awarded life sentence or death penalty.

Commenting on the paramount importance of reforming juveniles, Kabir said, “Lodging a juvenile along with hardened criminals in a central jail will only do him more harm than good. If he has committed a heinous crime and the juvenile justice board deems it fit to try him in a regular court then if convicted, he should be lodged separately away from the regular criminals. If he is lodged along with them he could also be sexually assaulted. In the end, the aim and focus should be on reforming the juvenile rather and making him a better person so that he can have a fresh start.”

When we asked Kabir on whether the new amendments would act as a deterrent, the actor said,” I believe that 16 year olds today coming to know that there is a law in place wherein they can be tried as adults will be a massive deterrent. But again it is important to make sure that the punishment should be such that they should be reformed and made better citizens of this nation.”

The new amendment also importantly chooses to keep juveniles away from the noose no matter how serious their crimes are. Supporting this Abhay told us, “I am not a supporter of death penalty. I believe capital punishment should be abolished but then that’s my personal view.“

The open panel discussion was held to promote the fourth season of Channel V’s Gumrah-End of Innocence. The show will be hosted by Abhay Deol and it proposes to throw light on the psyche of teenagers and understand the stress and pressures of modern life on them. Each episode professes to tell a shocking tale of heinous crimes committed across the country by minors.

Produced by Balaji Telefilms, Gumrah S4 will kickstart its journey from 31 August and will beam every Sunday at 1 pm.

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