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Tejya room

Tej overhears Sudha’s conversation with Toasty on the phone..Sudha hangs up and is shocked to see Tej behind her..Tej asks her <>…Sudha doesn’t know what to answer..She is confusedShe tells Tej that Malti said..hmm..Nitika and Dimple needed a dupata, so that’s why she was looking in Toasty’s things..Tej is double confused hearing Sudha’s wordsSudha leaves..

Chaturvedi Hall

Gyaan,Pracheen,Pashu,Dadaji and Smiley are gathered in the hall..Gyaan remembers the day when they welcomed Toasty as bahu in their house..*Shows a flashback when new wedded Toasty did her grihpravesh in Chaturs unique style; dropping rice a cooking pan instead of kalash and using water color insetead of alta ki thali*Pracheen smiles and tells Smiley to prepare herself as she will also get the same welcome..Gyaan says that Toasty herself had to clean her footsteps on the floor*Shows a flasback when new wedded couple TeJya was cleaning the floor*Dadaji laughs remembering that special day

Cheddi asks everyone to now go sleep as they need to wake up early in the morningGyaan asks him if he remembers the first day he met toasty?Cheddi laughs and says that was such a misunderstandingHe tells everyone what happened that day..*Shows a flashback when Toasty pushed Cheddi accidentally as she was talking through the microphone to Smita..She didn’t say sorry but insetead said out loud ”aankhen ya button” to Smita..Cheddi misunderstood her thinking that she was talking badly to elders..and he had hiccups while talking..Toasty threw a bottle of water on his face*Everyone laughs..Pashu says that Toasty won over everyone’s heart..Cheddi says that Toasty is in everyone’s heart, and now when she is not here,we still talk about her..Dadaji says that Toasty always cared for them and before she left, she chose the right girl for their family,Smiley as she knew that a girl like her can never be found anywhere..Dadaji is sure that Smiley will not let them miss Toasty..Smiley seems happy and smiles

Prayer Corner

Smiley prays to God..asking Him to give her courage to keep this family always happy together as Toasty used to keep them..She says <>..She takes blessings from God..Smiley takes also God’s offerings to share…

Tej is looking at Toasty’s wedding outfit..Smiley brings offerings for him..Tej thanks her..Smiley says that Toasty’s wedding outfit is very beautiful..Tej says to Smiley <>..Smiley is suprised hearing his wordsTej tells her that nothing is hidden from her as she knows that he had accepted for the wedding only to complete Toasty’s wish..

Tej tells Smiley <>
Smiley tells Tej <>
Tej tells Smiley that he respects her feelings but he won’t give her the wedding outfit as Toasty didn’t ask him to do that *TeJya’s sad BG music* Tej says that his Toasty is precious for him; even though she is not with me today, all her things related to her are as precious as her..this wedding outfit also*Dying* Tej refuses to give Toasty’s wedding outfit to Smiley..She leaves very shockedTej misses his Toasty

Chaturvedi Hall/Outside Chaturvedi House

Pashu is reparing the fan..Tej was passing by when Pashu stops him and asks for repairing tools kit which are in his bike
Sudha and Lalit are near Tej’s bike..Sudha wonders why is Tej being childish;what’s the problem in giving Toasty’s outfit to Smiley??Lalit asks Sudha to talk to Tej about this againSudha says that Tej won’t agree to give Toasty’s wedding outfit to Smiley even if she talks to him..There’s only one person who can make him change his decision..Lalit tells Sudha to talk to Toasty..At the same time, Tej comes outside and overhears their conversation..Sudha says that she will call Toasty now and asks her to send a letter right nowLalit gives the phone to Sudha so that she can call Toasty..Tej is suprised..Sudha turns behind and is shocked to see TejLalit asks Tej what is he doing here??Tejtells him that he needs to take the tools kit from his bike..Both Sudha and Lalit are suprised and don’t know what to say

Chaturvedi Hall

Preparations for the wedding are going on..Nitika says that Tej is wrong that he refused to give Toasty’s wedding outfit to Smiley; moreover Smiley is his future wifeMalti agrees and says that Smiley must have thought that Toasty would be happy if she wore her wedding outfit..Nitika why would Toasty have any problem in giving her wedding outfit when she already gave her love and everything to Smiley?Shobha says that there’s no point talking about it here and asks Malti to talk to Tej as he will agree to what he says..Malti refuses to say anything to TejNitika says that they must talk to Smiley herself and she will surely understand

A man comes in with a bouquet of flower and asks for Mr.Tej Prakash Chaturvedi..Shobha asks the man what happened??The man says that someone sent a bouquet of flowers for Tej..Shobha takes the flowers and the man leaves..Shobha is happy as she will get a chance to talk to Tej about Smiley while give him the bougquet of flowers

Tejya room

Shobha gives Tej the bouquet of flowers..Tej takes it and puts it asideHe seems sad in memories of his ToastyShobha tells him to aleast check who sent him the flowers..Tej stays silentShobha checks the bouquet and notices that there is a letter..Tej is confused..He takes the letter from Shobha’s hands..
Tej opens the letter and reads it..It was from Toasty

Shobha asks Tej what’s written in the letter??Tej sadly says that Toasty wants him to give her wedding outfit to SmileyShobha says that she also was going to ask him the same thing but Toasty said it before her..Shobha says that Toasty’s timings are perfectly right and asks him to give Toasty’s wedding outfit to Smiley with his own handsShobha leaves *TeJya’s sad BG music*Tej stays silent..He couldn’t do nothing but to accept what his Toasty asked him….He was about to go and give Toasty’s wedding outfit to Smiley but something made him step backHis mind pieced everything up quickly
Tej wonders how can Toasty’s timings be so does she know that he accepted for the wedding?how does she know that Smiley will ask me for her wedding outfit and i will refuse?..He remembers when Sudha was talking about sending a letter right now?? Tej wonders who else knows where is the wedding outfit except Toasty??..and remembers seeing Sudha talking on the phone about the wedding outfit..Tej now knows that Sudha was talking to Toasty..He remembers when Sudha argues that they can’t delay the wedding for 5 months as Toasty wants it to happen right now.. and when Sudha and Lalit told them that Toasty is no more..then Malti,Nitika,Pashu and Dadaji didn’t believed it as they knew that she had 3 months atleast to live and she can’t dieTej smiles and says that means Toasty is alive

Tej puts back the wedding outfit and starts searching for the Toasty’s medical reports..He looks for it everywhere and gets the file in the drawer..Tej reads the reports and notices that Toasty had 3 months to live..Tej smiles..He wonders what to do next and decides to go to Sudha aunty

Sharma House

Sudha is checking the wedding preparations list..She asks Lalit if he called and reserved for the mandap as the wedding is tommorow..Sudha tells Lalit that they need to leave for Chaturvedi House as Cheddi must be waiting for themThey were about to leave when Sudha sees TejHe seems angry

Sudha tells Tej that they were about to leave for his house..She was about to go and bring water for Tej when he stops him and asks in a serious voice <>..Sudha turns back..She is shocked..Tej again asks <>..Sudha tells him what kind of question is this??Tej tells Sudha that for her, it may be a question but for him it’s a question for his life..He again asks <>..Sudha looks at Lalit and don’t know what to say..She tells Tej that Toasty is no more..Tej refuses to accept and tells Sudha that he knows she is lying..Tej again asks in a loud and sad voice <>..Sudha cannot say one word..She tells Tej why would she hide anything from him??Tej says that he doesn’t want to know about that but only wants to know where is his toasty and how is she?Sudha tries to convince Tej that Toasty is dead..Tej tells Sudha how can Toasty die in one week when she had 3 months to live??Sudha is suprised and cannot say anything..Tej asks Sudha from where Toasty’s messages are coming if she is already dead; sometimes for salsa, another for wedding, next for giving her wedding outfit to Smiley??Sudha turns back without saying anything..Tej wonders how does Toasty know that he agreed for the wedding??how does she know that Smiley will ask me for her wedding outfit and i will refuse??How does she know what is happening at each moment in their house??; all that means someone is telling her everything, meaning she is alive..Sudha refuses to accept that she knows about Toasty but Tej forces her to accept..He tells Sudha that she was refering to Toasty when she was talking about sending a letter; she was talking to Toasty when she was looking for Toasty’s wedding outfit as no one knows about it except Toasty..Tej tells Sudha that the most important thing is that it is her who told them that Toasty is no more and that her final rites are already done so that no one goes in search of Toasty;so that he doesn’t go to look for his ToastyLalit doesn’t know what to doTej wonders how can Toasty’s final rites be done when she is alive??

Sudha asks Tej how can she make him believe that Toasty is no more??..Tej says <>..Sudha is confused what to do and doesn’t say anything..Tej smiles and tells Sudha that she will never swear on Toasty as never a mother will falsely swear on her child..Sudha is cryingTej tells her that she doesn’t need to say anything as being silent proved that Toasty is alive..Lalit gets angry and tells Tej to stop and he may believe whatever he wants but Sudha won’t swear on anyone;especially on Toasty as she is always alive in their hearts Tej leaves
Sudha cries and says that he can’t see Tej in this condition..Lalit is also sad to behave in this way to Tej but they have to keep the promise they made to Toasty and also for Tej and Smiley to be happy, they have to stay quietSudha says that they can be quiet but how can they face Tej’s eyes which have lots of questions??..Sudha refuses to go to Chaturvedi House but Lalit convinces her to go or else Tej’s doubt will be proved right..He tells her that she needs to come for the promise they made to Toasty and for Tej and Smiley’s happiness..Sudha is in mixed emotions

Tejya room

Tej is standing sadly thinking about his Toasty..Smiley comes in and was about to touch his shoulders but restraints herself from doing so..She asks sorry to Tej..Smiley tells Tej that she felt very bad when he refused from giving Toasty’s wedding outfit to her but later on she thought that she shouldn’t have ask for it..She must have understand his feelings and she must have known that his beautiful memories are attached to Toasty’s wedding outfit and it’s obvious that he wouldn’t share those to anyone else..Tej stood there listening quietly..Smiley says that it doesn’t matter in which wedding outfit the wedding is taking place but the most important thing is the wedding to take placeShe tells Tej that she has agreed to marry him despite knowing that he doesn’t love her and also that she will always be after toasty in his life..Smiley tells Tej that she is also compelled as him, that’s why she feel in love with him Tej turns and stares at Smiley strangely and weirdly *HaiiI’m falling more and more in love with him*

**Pre-Cap** Chaturvedi family together with Sudha and Lalit are gathered in the hall..Pashu asks Tej how can he refuse to marry at the last minute??What’s the reason??Tej tells Pashu <>Dadaji tells Tej that Toasty is no more..Tej refuses to accept and tells Dadaji that Toasty is alive and he can prove himself rightPashu asks Tej to prove his words Tej snatched Sudha’s phone from her hands and says <> Tej keeps the phone on the middle of the table..He calls Toasty and puts it on loud speaker.. ”It’s ringing”..Toasty answers the call and says <>Everyone is shocked to hear Toasty’s voice

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