Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th September 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th September 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode

Basa slips from steps and falls down injured after someone hits her head and pushes her down. Family rushes to him and asks how did she fall. Baa says someone hit and pushed her down. Sapan says they will take her to hospital. Kanak tells Radhika that Sagar has reached here. Family rushes Baa to hospital where Anant pleads doctor to save Baa. Doctor says he will try his best and takes her to OT. Anant cries that his whole family’s life is in danger because of his job. Gehna says she knows his job is a secret mission, but he is not wrong. He says his mom is fighting for life because of him. She asks him not to blame himself. Bapuji consoles Anant and says he should continue his duty and they are proud of him, Baa will proudly say he is her son. Doctor comes out of OT. Gehna asks if Baa is fine. Doctor says Baa lost a lot of blood and is shifted to ICU, they are trying their best. Gehna enters Baa’s ICU room and cries that she lost her mother when she was small, she cannot lose her mother again. She prays god to revive her Baa. Baa opens eyes. Gehna happily says she told Kanhaji will revive her, she will call everyone. Baa holds her hand and tries to speak. Gehna rushes to bring doctor and brings Bapuji and Anant. Baa tries to speak and gets unconscious again. Doctor checks her and says her condition is critical and she needs rest, so they should go home. Gehna asks if she can stay with Baa. He says its a special ward and nobody can stay here, so they should go home.

Back home, Anant alleges Kanak for pushing Baa from stairs. Kanak denies and says she will not do that heinous act, forgetting her bigger heinous acts. Anant asks who must have done this. Professor says Krishna must have done this. Krishna asks why would he do that. Tia says he cannot allege Krishna as he is a family member. Krishna asks professor if he has a proof. Professor takes Anant aside and says he has 1000 proofs against Krishna and informed Gehna about same, asks him him to remember where Krishna was when accidents happened. Anant remembers all the incidents. Tia says Krishna cannot betray them. Kanak thinks Krishna is Sagar’s 4th mysterious partner and acted well hiding between them. Anant says he saw Krishna meeting Sagar. Chetan and Pankaj tongue lash Krishna. Krishna agrees he met Sagar to give money as he threatened to harm family. Gehna says Krishna is telling truth as he was with her when Baa fell down. Chetan and Pankaj question Krishna again. Anant says when Gehna backed Krishna, nobody will question Krishna again. Sagar calls Radhika and orders her to give an injection to Baa as she saw their 4th partner. She asks which injection is it. He says hypnotic injection and laughs thinking its a poisonous injection and with Baa’s dead, even their 4th partner’s identity will be a secret again.

Gehna prays for god and seeing pooja thali falling gets worried for Baa. Anant gives Krishna’s photo to his boss and says right now he is doubting him and asks boss to spy on Krishna. He thinks he cannot believe Krishna is wrong, but why did he meet Krishna. Fourth partner calls Anant and threatens him to handover his secret mission file or else be ready to lose his family, his mother will be given a poisonous injection now and his father’s life is also in danger. Anant gets tensed for Baa and Bapuji. Radhika enters hospital disguised as a nurse with injection vial. Nurse stops her and asks whom she is taking this injection for. Radhika says Jamuna Desai. Nurse says she already gave her injection and asks who is she, goes to check log when Radhika escapes, enters Baa’s room and is about to inject poison into her IV drip when Gehna enters and stops her. She pushes Gehna and injects poison in IV drip.

Precap: Gehna reaches Sagar’s den and asks who is his 4th mysterious partner. Inspector informs Gehna that 4th partner is caught.
Gehna asks what is his name.

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