Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st May 2021 Written Episode

Baa during dinner asks Gehna to take Anant’s food to his room as he gets headache if he stays hungry. Gehna sees Sagar struggling to eat and feeds him food. Baa asks where are Kanak and Hema. Hema gives money to her father’s sent man and over phone asks if he will double the money as promised. He says she need not worry, he will triple it. Kanak rushes to family worried and informs Baa that her mom’s BP shot up and she is admitted in hospital, doctor informed that she got a heart attack. Baa calls Kanak’s mother Jigna and asks what happened to her. Jigna says she didn’t want to trouble Kanak, but with her deteriorating condition, she wants to see her daughter one last time with her whole family. Baa says they will send Kanak to her right now. Jigna insists to come with whole family. Baa agrees and tells family they should leave right now. Gehna says she will inform Anant. Kanak tensed stops her saying they know Anant’s behavior. Gehna says she will check geysers then. Bapuji says they will wait in a car. Walking towards car, Hema praises Kanak and her mom’s acting. Kanak gets her Radhika’s message and gets into car with family.

Anant sitting alone remembers giving divorce papers to Gehna and thinks he knows Gehna is hurt because of Radhika, Radhika can do anything to take revenge, so he has to protect Gehna from Radhika. Radhika walks to him with her bag and says she didn’t want to hurt him as she loves him and asks if they can be friends at least. He says enough of her drama, just get out, and heads toward door with her bag. She thinks Anant did really wrong by rejecting her love and tricking her, so he will repent now. He throws her bag out of house, pushes her out, and shuts door shouting at her to get out. He then sees no one at home and thinks if they all went out. Power goes off and he calls electrician. Radhika enters house via backdoor and thinks until power is off, she will finish her task.

Gehna while traveling gets worried for Anant. Baa asks her not to worry for Anant so much. Gehna drops her mobile down in tension and tries to free her mangalsutra from her dupatta. Baa tries to help her and gets tensed seeing it breaking. Gehna says she herself will free it and prays Kanhaji to protect Anant.

Anant notices smoke at home and starts coughing. Radhika burns chillies on gas stove and keeps spiked water for Anant nearby. Anant sees chillies burning on stove, switches it off, opens windows, drinks spiked water and feels drowsy. Radhika makes him sit on sofa and thinks its a revenge for what he did with her, she will record their intimate video and post it on social media and then force Anant to marry her. She plays Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyar Aaya hai.. song and lures Anant. Anant tries to go away from her in vain. Gehna enters home, pulls Radhika away from Anant, and gives her a tight slap. She rushes to Anant and asks if he is fine. He says he cannot stand up. Gehna says Radhika made a good plan, but her plan failed. She smells chilli smoke and describes Radhika’s plan in detail. Radhika says she found out her plan, but unfortunately she cannot prove it; now she will prove that Anant tried to molest her. Gehna says Anant will never do that. Radhika shows video recording and says now Anant helplessly has to marry her; she yells that Anant married an illiterate villager rejecting a well-educated and modern woman; he even tricked her and took her on terrace acting as committing suicide to get her truth out; now she will show video recording and prove that she is right and Anant is wrong as people will only believe what they see; now her stupid husband Vinit and Desai family will believe her seeing this video. She continues challenging and insulting Gehna. Gehna says she will reply her in her own way and has a surprise for her. She switches on light and shows whole Desai family standing.

Precap: Gehna tells Radhika that even she recorded Radhika’s confession on her mobile, drags and throws her out of house, and with Anant challenges that they both will protect their house from evil Radhika.

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