Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2021 Written Episode

Gehna receives gifts from family after passing her exam. Tia says she got very good gifts. Anant sees Vinit’s call on Radhika’s mobile and thinks he shouldn’t give phone to Radhika as she is cooking now and her mood will spoil, then thinks it must be an important call and picks it. Vinit thinking he is speaking to Radhika apologizes her for coming home late and finding her asleep when he returned home and she already left for office when he woke up, he asks why is his wife not speaking. Anant says its him and says Gehna passed her exam and hence family is giving her a party and Radhika is cooking for her. Vinit asks him to congratulate Gehna and tell her that her party food will be delicious as Radhika has learnt to prepare a lot of dishes and is busy cooking whole day. Anant reminisces Radhika complaining against Vinit and Vinit insulting Gehna.

Radhka serves dinner to family. Baa asks her to join them. She says she loves serving food and thinks she will defeat Gehna today. Gehna says food smells very tasty. Kanak says Radhika prepares tasty food. Family starts eating and their mouth burns with extra spices and chilli. Radhika asks if food is not good. Hema asks why did she add so much chilli. Gehna serves them kheer. They enjoy it and Paresh praises her. Anant asks when did she prepare kheer as she was busy whole day. Gehna says she knew she would pass, so she prepared it long ago. Tia asks if she was so sure that she will pass. Gehna says she believed on Aannt’s teaching and knew she cannot fail. Everyone smile. Radhika feeling jealous says she will prepare another food. Pankaj says no, they are full with Gehna’s kheer. Sagar enters jumping and asks Gehna mamma to serve him food. She makes him sit. He bites food and shouts its very spicy, bad aunty prepared such a bad food. Paresh asks what will they have now. Gehna says noodles like kids have it during thier exam. Everyone agree. Radhika gets more jealous thinking she prepared them food with so much hard work, but they like Gehna’s noodles.

After sometime, she acts afraid and explaining Vinit what she prepared food for Gehna’s party and came here for work. Anant noticing that thinks Vinit is dual faced and torturing Radhika even after he told him about Radhika preparing food. Kanak on the other side of call asks Radhika to stop her overacting and make her husband a villain in front of Anant. Radhika cries complaining against Vinit and hugs Anant. Sagar hits her with stick and asks why she is hugging this uncle, if she is married to him. Anant says no. Sagar asks whom he is married to then. Anant says Gehna. Sagar says then he is his pappa and says its wrong to hold other woman’s hand. Anant says he is right and asks him to go. Sagar walks to Gehna and informs that baal wali aunty was holding papa’s hand and telling him something. Gehna asks what was she telling. He says he needs ice cream first. Gehna makes him sit on dining chair and brings ice cream for him. He thanks her. She asks what was aunty telling. He says she was badmouthing about some Vinit.

Gehna walks to Anant and Radhika and sees Radhika smiling at Anant while working. She asks Anant if their work is finished. He says yes. She asks Radhika to accompany her to buy return gifts for family as her choice is good. Radhika says she has some work, but agrees on Anant’s request. After buying gifts, Gehna tells Radhika its hot outside, so they should go to her home and have some juice. Radhika says they should return to Anant’s house as her work is still pending. Gehna says working hours have finished as its evening and they should keep personal and work life different and give time for family also, asks if she will take her home and prepare her juice. Radhika agrees and taking her home says she will get juice. Gehna says its okay as she realized that she needs to return to her family. Radhika asks if she came to drop her home in lieu of having juice. Gehna says she doesn’t give excuses and really came to drop her home as she forgets her address and comes to her home instead. Radhika says she forgot whom she is speaking to. Gehna says she didn’t, but Radhika forgot that she is married and has a loving husband, she is Gehna Anant Desai after marriage and Radhika is Radhika Vinit Virani. Radhika shouts she is speaking a lot. Gehna says she didn’t and asks her to give her precious time to her husband. Radhika stands fuming.

Gehna returns home. Anant asks if she went to Radhika’s house and told that she should stay at home. She says yes. He says she should have spoken to him once before doing that. She says Radhika has a husband and should give time to even him. He reminisces Radhika’s fear and asks Gehna not to fall in all this as Radhika knows what to do. She thinks why he is feeling bad, if he is hiding something and is getting angry on her, if that issue is bigger than his anger. She walks away saying she gave everyone’s written gift and is keeping his gift on table. He picks gift and sees play’s tickets.

Precap: Sagar flies paper bits in air excitedly chanting surprise. Kanak says now the real drama will start. Anant scolds Sagar and says he thres his presentation papers in air.

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