Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna denies to wear short dress for ad shoot. Agency owner Ambarish says she has to wear it and what is wrong in this dress. She says she doesn’t wear such kind of dresses, modeling can be done even with proper dresses, and if he had informed her before, she wouldn’t have taken up the assignment. Ambarish remembers Kanak telling that Gehna will sign contract and take full payment in advance and then will throw tantrums to delay the shoot. He shows contract and says its clearly written that she is doing a soap ad and will wear this costume. Gehna reads contract. Kanak and Hema get out of ad agency. Hema asks her if she is sure their drama would have affected Ambarish as Gehna always escapes somehow. Kanak says this time she will not as she found out that Ambarish is egoistic and will not spare anyone. Ambarish insists Gehna to wear the dress and be ready and not waste his time. Gehna says contract is in English and she doesn’t know about the dress. He says what a lame excuse, she purposefully took full money in advance to throw tantrums later. Gehna pleads that she will wear other dress and will work really hard. He asks to stop all this and get ready in 15 minutes. Kanak tells Hema that family are eager to see Gehna on TV doing modeling, but will see her in jail instead for breaching contract. Hema says Gehna helped them so much. Kanak says she hurt her ego and tried to degrade her by showing her superiority always, Anant also taunted her not to forget Gehna’s favors, now she will see how Anant will save Gehna.

Gehna gets more tensed looking at short dress and thinks of calling Kanak for help. She calls Kanak, but Sagar picks call and says new mamma has gone to bakery and cuts call. Kanak thanks Sagar for playing the game and gives him toffee. He walks away happily. Gehna cries thinking that she went against Anant and lied to Baa and Bapuji regarding the real reason for taking up this ad, god punished her for this, outer world is completely different from world in the house and she made a big mistake. Ambarish’s assistant Shivangi asks Gehna to come out soon as shoot will start in 10 minutes. Ambarish tells Shivangi that model must be ready by now. Gehna walks out wearing different dress. Ambarish says this dress is for different model and she should wear her dress. Gehna says she will not as this dress looks good. Ambarish insists her and drags her to change the dress. Shivangi asks him to stop. Ambarish says she doesn’t know how dramebaaz this girl is and shouts at Gehna to change the dress soon. Anant enters and saps him. Ambarish shouts who dare he is, who is he. Anant says he is Gehna’s husband Anant Desai and warns to dare touch his wife again. Ambarish says they both did wrong and he will send them to jail, Gehna has to return 25 lakhs contract money in 5 days or else he will get Gehna arrested in a fraud case. Anant says he will return the money and not let his wife go to jail and walks away with Gehna.

Kanak calls Ambarish and asks if Gehna’s shoot completed. Ambarish says it didn’t and there was a drama instead. Kanak says they will celebrate dobi duffer’s loss and asks Hema to bring whole family to living room. Hema does same. Baa seeing cake asks why did she bring cake. Kanak says to celebrate Gehna’s win today. Pankaj praises her. Sagar jumps seeing cake. Gehna returns home with Anant. Tia claps and says most welcome the famous model Gehna. Hiral asks how was Gehna’s shoot today. Paresh asks why they look sad. Baa asks if the shooting went well. Tia says if not today, it will tomorrow. Gehna says shooting didn’t happen. Bapuji asks what happened. Anant tries to explain but then says Gehna didn’t like that job, so she left that ad. Baa says there is nothing to worry, she can do whatever job she likes. Kanak takes Gehna along and asks what happened as her face reveals something wrong happened there. Gehna cries and describes whole story. Kanak smirks hearing her story and then acting says all this problem is because of her. Gehna says helping them was her decision, she took money from ad agency and returned it to Radhika, but whatever happened today is not their fault. Once she leaves, Hema laughs. Kanak mimics Gehna and says Gehna saved everyone from going to jail but herself will go to jail now.

Precap: Ambarish brings police to arrest Gehna. Kanak watching it thinks she won and dobi duffer lost.

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