Saavi Ki Savaari 9th February 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 9th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 9th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sonam searches on the internet and thinks she didn’t get any news about Raksham Dalmia. She types Vedika’s name and finds out about the accident. She thinks Shivam wants to become Dalmia like me. She looks at the photos and this is real. She thinks to enquire from someone. Himesh tells UD that don’t know if Raksham is alive or not. UD scolds him. Dimpy says he is right, and says we have to think from mind and not from heart. She says I never saw Raksham, or I didn’t hear anything about him ever. Dada ji says Satyam and Vedika’s elder son shall get his rights. Vedika comes there with Saavi and Nityam from hospital and asks what they are talking about. UD asks how is she, and asks what is the need to hurry up while crossing the road. Vedika says I will not leave you so soon. She asks what they were talking. Himesh says his friend has come from abroad. He says we will talk later. UD takes out the bad sight from her. Vedika says in the hospital, I felt as Raksham had come there. UD says if you felt Gattu had come, then he must have come. Vedika hugs UD. UD says take rest, we will talk later. Saavi takes Vedika to her room. Dimpy says Gattu. UD says Vedika is always worried for Raksham and that’s why I have decided it rightly and tells that they will give the property to Nityam and Raksham. Dimpy thinks who is this new monkey to snatch our share.

Nityam asks Saavi if Maa slept. Saavi says yes, and tells that due to medicine, she slept. She asks where is he going? Nityam says he wants to go and meet the man, who gave blood to Maa. He says he wants to pay for his favor. Shivam comes there and asks receptionist about Vedika Dalmia. Receptionist tells that she got discharged as she was recovered. Just then they see Nityam and Saavi there. They talk to the doctor and come to the receptionist. Nityam asks the receptionist to tell him about the donor. The receptionist tells that he requested to hide his identity and we can’t tell about him. Nityam threatens to call the owner of the hospital, and then tells that he wants to see the CCTV footage of the corridor. The receptionist tells them the way to CCTV room. Shivam hears and changes the CCTV room plate to some other room. Nityam and Saavi go to the storeroom. Shivam locks the door and thinks you can’t see me.

Sonam comes to Dimpy and says you was ignoring my calls. Dimpy says she doesn’t want to talk anything. Sonam says she came to talk about Nityam. Dimpy says your life will not rock after marriage, but will have to bear shock. Sonam asks what happened? Dimpy says Raksham Dalmia, Nityam’s elder brother who had gone from home long back, and tells that Dada ji is giving half property to him. Sonam gets happy. Dimpy says he had run away from home many years ago and Vedika cries for him even now. Sonam smiles. Dimpy says leave me alone, and close the door. Sonam says thank you and locks the door.

Nityam says I had told you that the room was last. They find the door locked. Nityam and Saavi knock on the door. Shivam comes to the CCTV room and says he is Nityam Dalmia. The engineer tells that he is Giri. Shivam says he wants corridor footage. The engineer shows him footage. Shivam coughs and asks for water. Giri goes to get it. Shivam thinks to delete the footage. Nityam sees fan and gets traumatized. Saavi asks if your fear of fan is related to Raksham. Nityam asks how do you know? Saavi says she heard them mistakenly. Nityam comes to the CCTV room and ask him to see the CCTV footage. He says he is Nityam Dalmia. Giri doesn’t tell him afraid of losing the job. Nityam asks him to show the footage. Saavi thinks Raksham ji shall be found. Sonam is sitting in the hall. Giridhar gives her coffee. Sonam thinks her luck is more good than Saavi’s rare kundali.

Precap: Sonam serves food to Shivam. Shivam thinks the dream which you are seeing to be Mrs. Dalmia, see what happens with it. She waits at the temple in bridal clothes and waits for Shivam.

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