Santoshi Maa 24th May 2016 Written Update

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Santoshi Maa 24th May 2016 Written Update by Amena

Santoshi Maa 24th May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Madhu that we should show Dhairya to good doctor, Santoshi can’t make him fine. Madhu says you think of your property, not Dhairya, if he has asked for his property, why should we love him, I loved him so much, he did so much with Riya and now Nupur, I think Santoshi will should take of him, make this house on your name, I want this house at any cost, I don’t want to share it with anyone. She goes.

She asks Kaka about Dhairya. Kaka says he is resting. She says I will pray for his fast recovery and thinks I will share this good news of Dhairya’s paralysis with Kranti Maa. Daksha taunts Seshnath and laughs. Madhuri does aid to Seshnath and Guddu.

Seshnath says Dhairya had no shame to beat me. Daksha says did Santoshi get killed by Dhairya, Dadi got a call and run hearing some news. Seshnath says that’s why I said we will get Guddu married to inspector’s daughter. Guddu says no one is thinking about me, I will not marry her. Seshnath beats him. Daksha and Madhuri argue. Seshnath says its enough, I m going to say yes to inspector, I will reply Dhairya about my pain.

Dadi meets Santoshi and Kaki. She sees Dhairya’s state. Vidya cries. Dadi says he will get fine. Santoshi tells Kaki that Dhairya will get fine soon, we will double celebrate when he gets fine. Dhairya looks on. Dadi says I will leave now, tell me if you need any help. Kaki thanks her for coming. Dadi asks Santoshi to take care of Dhairya, family’s hope is on you, husband lives with wife’s belief. Santoshi says I will try my best and hugs her. She says I can’t see Dhairya in this state and cries. Dadi says I understand, you have to be strong, your 16 week fasts is getting completed, which you kept for Kaki, you keep fasts for Dhairya now, Santoshi Maa will make everything fine. Santoshi says yes, you are saying right, I will take care of him.

Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to wake up from Dhyaan and not punish Santoshi’s husband. Narad also requests her to get up. Santoshi says I know Maa, Dhairya insulted my devotion, but don’t punish him. Kaka looks on and feels bad for her. Santoshi says I will not turn weak, if I turn weak, then what about Kaka and Kaki, if they see me crying, they will fall weaker. Kaka consoles her and asks her to be strong.

Santoshi Maa opens eyes and says I did not give this punishment, how to tell Dhairya that this is those stars effect on Dhairya on his birthday, he is bearing for his deeds, its Shanidev’s effect which no human can ignore. Every human is afraid of Shanidev’s curse, but all Devtas have to bear Shani’s decision, I can’t do anything, just Brahmadev can answer for this, this is just beginning of Dhairya’s problems. Kaka asks Santoshi did you prepare for fast. She says yes, don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Ujwal and Nupur have a talk about Santoshi Maa’s power. Ujwal says Santoshi would have not been a maid then. She asks why did Dhairya get in this state. Ujwal says I think Santoshi did black magic. She says you are right, poor people are expert in doing black magic. Devi Paulmi is back in her lok and sees the stars movement. Narad comes and greets her. He asks whose kundli is this. She says Dhairya’s kundli, his stars are changing place on his birthday, I don’t need to do anything now, he will be in problem.

He asks what benefit will you get by Dhairya’s problems. She says if Dhairya is in sorrow, Santoshi will be in sorrow too, Devi Santoshi can’t do anything, as Shani Dev has done this. Santoshi Maa reads some book. Narad tells Santoshi Maa that no one can change stars movment. She says I know I can’t do anything, but seeing the kundli, my heart is getting restless, Santoshi did not do any bad thing and she is getting pain, why is she giving this tough tests. He says true, Santoshi is facing problems, but truth will come out. She says don’t know, how will she come out of planetary stars’ game.

Santoshi says this soup is good for you, you will get fine. She feeds Dhairya. She tries to hear what he is saying and bends. Tere bin….. plays………….. She looks at him. He tries to say something. She calls everyone there and tells them that Dhairya tried to speak, I think he is getting better. Pratap and everyone get happy. Madhu gets shocked. Kaka says you will get fine soon. He asks Santoshi to feed something to Dhairya.

Dhairya says I don’t want to eat anything from Santoshi Maa’s devotee’s hand. They all get shocked. Devi Paulmi smiles and says Santoshi, your life book’s every paper is full of sorrow and pain, how will you get out of this problem. Nupur says that’s why I said to hire some nurse, everyone knows Dhairya dislikes Santoshi, nurse is trained. Kaki asks her to keep her advice, I will feed food to my son. He feeds Dhairya.

Seshnath and Guddu are happy to know about Dhairya’s state. Daksha says if Dhairya was fine, he would have kicked Santoshi out, now Santoshi will stay there as maid. Madhuri says yes, she has bad fate. Daksha says good deeds are needed for good fate. Dadi scolds all of them. Guddu says Dhairya got punished for his sons, spare me now Papa. Seshnath says I think wise, it will be good if you marry inspector’s daughter. Tinu covers Dadi with blanket. Seshnath asks Tinu to trouble him, not Dadi, as I m very happy today. The honey bees come there. Tinu and Dadi get safe. Everyone run away. Dadi asks whats happening. Tinu asks her not to worry, you will know everything in some time. Tinu has beaten the bee hive and tells Dadi everything how he did this to trouble the greedy elders.

Madhu asks lawyer to take the property related papers, I want this house, do anything but show we paid everyone staying here enough money and took this house. She shows some bills and says I don’t have cash expenses accounts. Pratap looks on. she asks him to do work soon, before Ujwal knows this, Ujwal is also a lawyer, if Dhaurya gets fine, it will be problem, do this work before he gets fine, so that he has to live his life depending on us.

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