Sapno Ki Chhalaang 12th May 2023 Written Update

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 12th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 12th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika saying I trusted someone and this happened. Zeeshan says its okay, fix it now. She goes to Priyal and says I will submit the new module today. Priyal says client just wants the work to be submitted on deadline. Radhika says I will never miss any deadline from now. She goes. Radhika comes home. Abhishek asks why do you look tired. She says I got tired of work. She shares her office problems. He jokes. He says give it a while. He cheers her up. Preeti gets a message. She worries. Radhika rings the bell. Preeti asks Sree not to open the door. Sree says its Radhika. Radhika asks what happened, are you fine. Preeti makes excuses. Sree says we will go out for a movie and dinner. Radhika says dad won’t agree. Sree says just call him. Radhika calls Radha to take permission. He asks her to make khichdi at home and eat it. Sree says we will go out, watch movie and have dinner, you are coming, relax a bit. Radhika says my live location is on, dad can track me anytime. They convince Radhika to come with them. They all leave. Radhika’s phone is at home.

After watching a movie, Sree jokes on Radhika and Vaishaili. Preeti feels scared. Radhika says I was not crying. Sree says we will go and have food. Radhika says its late, we will go. Suman takes care of Gomtu. Lavi asks how did you get hurt. Dadi says I asked you to practice daily, else you will lose balance. Suman says she got old. Everyone cares for Gomti. Radhika likes the restaurant. Preeti sees an abusive man and his GF/wife. She gets tensed.

Radhika asks are you fine. Sree gets angry seeing that couple. They talk to the manager. The manager says we can’t interfere in their personal matter. Radhika asks Sree to threaten about the police when she winks to her. She acts drunk and goes to the couple’s table. She says madam, you don’t like alcohol, it’s a bad thing, so he wants to drink it and end it from the world, no means no, have a drink with us. She sings and teases the man. Sree and Vaishali laugh. Sree asks why do you drink when you can’t handle it, stop it, else I will call the police. Vaishali says we will record a video and put on social media. The man runs away with his wife. Everyone claps for the girls. Preeti says you have no idea what he will do with his wife at home, you can’t save him. They have a talk. Radhika says I didn’t see the sea since I came to Mumbai. Vaishali asks seriously. Radhika says yes. Vaishali says now you want to go and see the sea. Radhika says yes. Everyone looks for the balm to help Gomti. Lavi says shops would be closed now. Radhika says its 12am and its so lively here. Pintu says call Radhika and ask her. Gomti says she would be sleeping. Radhe calls Radhika. She doesn’t take the call. The girls leave in an auto. They take selfies. Radhe’s call gets answered. Radhika is shocked.

Lavi says something is happening since she went to Mumbai. Radhika gets tense.

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