Sapno Ki Chhalaang 29th May 2023 Written Update

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 29th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 29th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kiran saying Radhika is your GF. Abhishek says no, she isn’t my GF. Kiran sings and teases him. Radhika comes and says I can come for a walk. Abhishek asks her to run. They run to the park. She lies down on the grass and says I m too tired. He asks are you okay now, you looked upset when you came from Goa. She says so you tortured me. He asks what did you do there. She says you think I m a big idiot. He says no judgments. She says I have to fight for everything every day.

Abhishek pacifies her. He tells SRK’s story and encourages her. He asks her not to give up. She says I m very stubborn since morning. Radhe says I have to keep Radhika in limits, its my duty to decide right for her. Radhika comes to Priyal. She says I will become extraordinary if given a chance, we all have a fight in our lives, soldiers never lose, I will never lose, I never used words like I give up and I quit, you can remove me if you want, but I will never leave ACS, I m stubborn. Radhe says I have taken a decision, give me Radhika’s pic. Priyal says next two weeks are imp, prepare for it. Radhika smiles. Suman asks why. Radhe says tell her that we are making her profile for marriage, she has to meet the guy, we will find a guy in Mumbai, she can get married and stay in Mumbai. Rajesh greets everyone.

Kartik tries to please him. Veer goes to get Priyal. He says Rajesh has come with a news. She says I hope its not a bad news. Suman asks Jairam to explain Radhe. Radhe says you taught her to lie, you encouraged her to do wrong, I m her dad, I want her good, I know what is good for her, which you don’t know. Rajesh says you all have to challenge yourself and excel, I m heading a CSR project, I want some trainees to work with me on this project, its not in your job profile, you can feel free to say no to me, are you excited to know my ideas, I will select five trainees, who will pitch me ideas, I want your intend, commitment and energy. He asks Priyal to read the name of the trainees. Priyal tells the names. Radhika’s name is also there. Radhika is surprised. Lavi says you have decided it right. Radhe says she needs a family. Suman argues. He says Radhika will get married. Suman sends an audio message to Radhika. Priyal says I will clear the misunderstanding, it’s a big opportunity and a big risk. Lucky argues with Lavi. Radhe and Suman also talk about Radhika. Lavi says I don’t want Radhika to get trapped by some guy and get her life ruined. Lucky scolds him. Suman says I will talk to Radhika first. Radhe says fine, you explain her and convince her. The girls comment on Radhika. Radhika says I will manage. She leaves. She buys Chana. Abhishek says you are hijacking my place, its okay, we have a big heart, how was your day. She says really nice, I was chosen for an imp project, I m happy but it won’t be easy. He buys kulfi and asks her to cool her mind. She gets Suman’s call. Suman asks where are you. Radhika says close to home, what happened. She gets shocked and shouts what.

Radhe says if I like some guy, then meet him. Radhika is worried. She throws her phone in anger.

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