Sapno Ki Chhalaang 31st May 2023 Written Update

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 31st May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 31st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone seeing off Preeti. Preeti leaves. Vaishali says tell me before keeping any new roomie. Radhika says I will go for job now. Abhishek comes and says I love my job, but I hate the press conferences of movie stars. Radhika says its so bad. She laughs. He says you also make fun of me now. She jokes on him. She says you have a cool and happening job, you should be happy, we are doing the work of our choice, not everyone has this luck. He calls her out. She says hello, I m here. He says my friend Radhika is full of negativity, I don’t know who are you. She says your sense of humor can’t change. Tu mera koi na…plays… They laugh.

Radhika comes to the office. Radhe calls her and asks her to meet the guy in the evening. She says I can’t go from my office. He says you have to meet the guy, I don’t want to hear anything. She says ask him to meet me at 7.30pm, he should respect my work. Kartik and everyone come for the meeting. She says meeting is going to start, inform that guy. She ends call and goes.

Rajesh talks to the trainees. He says we can just hear about women empowerment. Kartik says so true, equality and feminism is so overrated. Rajesh asks what do women want to show by showing a victim card, Radhika, don’t get me wrong, I m not talking about our female employees, they don’t need to use victim cards, Priyal can victimize anyone. He laughs. He asks Radhika to do the honours. Kartik says Radhika is using phone in meeting. Radhika says I will record the meeting and share it in the group. Rajesh says do one thing, can you ask the peon to get coffee for us, don’t know where is Emily today, she takes break all day during pregnancy. Radhika goes. Rajesh says perks of being a woman. Radhika sees Emily at the door.

Sree and Vaishali meet the girls to select a roomie. Preeti calls Sree. Sree asks her to come back. She says I miss you a lot. Preeti says I miss you guys too, I have to go back to hostel. Sree says never trust a place where snacks are served according to schedule. Baldev follows Preeti. Rajesh says wrap it up, we will work tomorrow, anyone wants to join me for dinner and drinks. Radha says I have a prior commitment. Rajesh asks her to just come. She says no, I would have come but… Rajesh asks the boys to come. They leave. She gets Lavi’s message. She says I m reaching there, I m stuck in traffic. Radhe calls her and asks her to go back home, the guy waited for long and left. He scolds her for getting late. Radhika says I don’t respect such an useless man, I don’t want to marry such a man who can’t respect my work, I have much work, I m not sitting idle. She gets angry and disconnects the call. Radhe sits shocked. Suman holds him.

He says this Mumbai’s Guddi is someone else. Radhika goes home in a bad mood. She hears Sree talking to her mom. Radhika cooks the food. Sree and Radhika sit to have food. Sree says its spicy, who did you fight. Radhika tells her everything. Sree says parents want us to become robots. They have a talk. Vaishali comes home and joins them. Radhika says dad should drop the idea of my marriage. Radhe asks Lavi to update Radhika’s profile.

The guys make fun of Radhika at office. Radhe says I will get you married at any cost. She says I have some terms and conditions.

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