Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiv saying you told me about Diya, you mean you have told her something else than the reality. Surili says my version keeps her happy, she is just 5 years old, I m scared that I might break her heart. He asks her to tell the truth to Diya. Ranimaa talks to Veera. She says I have to save the prestige of our family. Surili sees Sasha and greets. Sasha is worried. Surili says its my mistake, I never gave you the strength to tell the truth to Diya, I will handle this, you don’t worry, just see the café for some time, I will talk to her, don’t take stress. Shiv is on the way. He talks to Bandish about Samar and Raghu’s deal. Shiv says ask Raghu not to sign any deal until I find out about Samar’s company. Bandish agrees. Shiv gets Surili’s audio message. He replies to her. He asks her to tell the truth to Diya. He says I will wait for your happy call. Surili goes to Diya.

She wakes her up. Diya says I will have pasta. Diya says you don’t have a mood to go to school. Diya says yes. Surili says I have a magical ingredient, we eat the special pasta of truth, will you help me. Diya says yes, I will brush my teeth and come. Raghu gets Shiv’s call. He doesn’t answer. He says I will call Samar. Samar takes the puppy to its mum. Raghu calls him and asks him to come to meet him. Samar says I m just coming. He smiles. Surili and Diya make the pasta.

She shows the peas and says this cover is to protect the peas, like I protect you, sorry to lie to you. Diya asks why did you lie. Surili says I realized my mistake, so I m making truth pasta. She makes the pasta. Diya asks why did you talk about sending dad to jail. Surili says promise me, you won’t cry. Diya says promise. Surili says we will have pasta first. Bandish asks Raghu to read the file well. He says Shiv said that the deal shouldn’t get signed. Raghu throws the file and slaps Bandish. He scolds Bandish and asks him to get out. Samar comes and looks on. He smiles. Raghu says send someone to clean all this, you are a servant, be a servant. Bandish cries and goes. Raghu welcomes Samar. Samar asks is everything okay. Raghu says it happens. Samar taunts him and asks is everything okay. Raghu says oh yes, sit, don’t worry. Samar says I feel this is related to our deal, Bandish is loyal to Shiv, and he was forcing you to work like Shiv, I don’t want any problems, we can postpone this deal. Raghu says no, we will sign the deal today.

Surili says your dad has no role in your life. Diya says I hate you. Ranimaa heads to the office to meet Samar. Samar and Raghu sign the deal.

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