Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th March 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the lady shouting for help and falls infront of Aarav. She holds his leg and asks him to save them, says those goons are behind us. Her mother asks if they are coming here, with whom you are talking. She calls her Chandini. Chandini says my mother is blind. The goons are coming there. Chandini’s mother asks them to help and save them, and tells that the goons want to take my daughter, as my husband had taken money from them. The goons ask Aarav not to be hero. Aarav asks the goons to go back. The goon says the girl will go with us. Aarav twists the goon’s hand. The goon says I will not leave you, and goes with the other goons. Chandini’s mother asks if they went. Chandini says they went.

Chandini’s mother asks where I will take my daughter and where I will hide with her. Aarav asks her to get up and says nothing will happen to you. The lady says we don’t have anything, neither money nor shelter. Aarav asks them to come with them and stay in their house. He says nothing can happen to you both there, I will make arrangements for you both to stay somewhere else soon. Simar takes him to side, and says what you are saying. Aarav says how we can leave them alone, didn’t you see the goons? He says there is something called humanity. The lady who is pretending to be blind and Chandini looks at them. The lady thanks Aarav. Simar recalls hitting the snake with vase and asks how did you get the injury? Chandini says the goons had hit her. Simar asks for her name. Chandini tells her name. Aarav starts the car and its starts. Simar gets doubtful.

The snake charmer asks everyone to pray to their God and put the thing in the havan kund, to get rid of naagin. Aarav and Simar come there. Badimaa says you both are here. They ask why you came early. The snake charmer tells that the trouble is on this guy. Simar says Aarav ji. The snake charmer says you came here, the naagin will also come behind you. Simar sees havan fire setting off just as Chandini and her mother are about to enter. Simar sees their faces. Aarav asks Badimaa if anything happened, all is ok. Badimaa says yes and says I worried and everyone was sad, so thought to get the havan done. She asks why you both came early and asks Simar. Simar says that naagin reached farmhouse following us, and had attacked Aarav ji, but thankfully he is saved. Badimaa thanks Maa Durga for protecting them. She says I had kept the havan so that the bad effect doesn’t come to our house. She asks who are they? Aarav asks them to come inside. The evil naagin and her mother enter the house. Aarav tells Badimaa that they met them on the way, and tells that goons were behind them, so he brought them here. He says Chandini’s mother is blind, and talks about humanity. Reema gets worried.

The snake comes inside the house. Aarav says they will be shifted, just as some place is found. The snake comes near Aarav. Chandini holds the snake in her hand and smiles. She keeps hand on its head and leaves it on the floor. The snake crawls out. Chandini smiles. Reema asks how did you hold the snake, and asks didn’t you get scared? Badimaa asks why it didn’t attack you. Chandini says may snakes roam in our village, it was not poisonous. Badimaa is doubtful. Aarav asks Badimaa to let them go to guest room. Simar asks them to come. The lady pretending to be blind goes with Chandini. The snake charmer looks at them.

Later Aarav brings coffee for Simar. Simar says it was not needed. Aarav says everyone is exhausted, but you are more, as Ms. Worry stay with you. He asks what happened Simar. Simar is worried and tells that she feels that they have taken a wrong decision, by bringing two strangers here. Aarav says the goons were behind them, if there was any other way out to keep them safe. Simar says I am just thinking about my family’s safety, and says we might pay a heavy price for our good deeds. Aarav says if their intention is bad, then they will get bad, and if our intention is good, then nothing wrong can happen to us. Simar says how you talk such beautifully. The naagin is in their room. Aarav and Simar drink coffee.

Precap: Chandini gives coffee to Aarav. Aarav is about to drink it. Simar makes the coffee cup falls down, and asks him to know her truth. The snake charmer plays the flute, and the naagin starts dancing.

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