Saavi Ki Savaari 16th March 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 16th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 16th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saavi going as Nityam is silent. Dimpy says I had told already. Hrishikesh tries to stop Saavi. Nityam shouts enough, and tells that he trusts Saavi, she said truth. He says I am her husband and my opinion matters the most. He says I am sure and can say this with confidence that Saavi can’t cheat in this relation. Shivam, Vedika and Nutan smiles. Nityam says Saavi doesn’t have any affair or illegitimate relations with anyone. He says I swear on my Maa, I don’t doubt Saavi’s character. Shivam smiles too. Nityam says if I support lie, it will benefit me, but after that, I can’t face myself. He says truth is truth. Dimpy says you are doing wrong and asks him to rethink. Vedika shouts enough and says not a word anymore, you have done enough drama already infront of everyone. She says Nityam said that Saavi is his wife, and whatever he said about his wife is truth. Nityam says I don’t care what she was doing there, it doesn’t matter to me what she does in her free time. He says I don’t want to know, and I don’t care about it. He apologizes to everyone for seeing the drama, which was not needed at all. He tells Nutan that driver will drop you home, and greets her. He goes from there. Shivam feels proud of his Bittu. Hrishikesh asks Dimpy to take tips next time. Himesh shouts at him and takes Dimpy from there. Hrishikesh tells Saavi that she has seen, how Nityam supported her, it is because of him. She says they did this so that they don’t need to give you anything. Saavi says Mr. Dalmia is not scared of anyone, or he doesn’t get provoke by someone. She requests him to go home, and leave her alone. Hrishikesh says understand one thing. Nutan says bade bhaiyya. Hrishikesh says you have ruined all her life, due to the values. Nutan says we shall go home and talk.

Saavi gets Master ji’s assistant call and says she will give him money. Vedika comes there and asks her to keep her cleverness to herself, and says I will not forgive you for doing such a cheap thing with my bahu. She says you are doing this so that Himesh shall get the property. Dimpy says I don’t know any legal thing, and tells that she is really doubtful on them. She says even I am bahu like you. She shows her Saavi and Pyaare mohan’s photos, and says she is talking as if she is closer to him. Vedika thinks even she feels closer to him. Just then she sees Pyaare mohan coming there and drinking water, taking from other Servant. He then wipes his mouth, then sneezes. Vedika recalls little Raksham doing the same thing, and thinks Gattu used to do this, he used to drink water in a hurry and then used to sneezed. She says he is my Gattu? Dimpy says you started crying and says whatever I did is to save Nityam’s empire. She goes from there. Vedika thinks this means pyaare is my Gattu, my son Raksham. She says my son Raksham came to me. She recalls Nityam hugging him and calling him bade bhaiyya. She is happy and emotional.

Brijesh asks Nutan, how did you let this happen. Hrishikesh says you was praising Saavi’s inlaws and that Dimpy is the bahu of a big house and said such a cheap thing. She did a big drama and then went just as she got the call from the tailor. Sonam asks what? Hrishikesh says that murderer tailor about whom Himesh was saying. Sonam thinks dimpy will try to kill Raksham again. She goes from there.

Precap: Vedika tells pyaare mohan that he has planned the birthday party well, and made the 12 years old memories afresh for Nityam and your mother. She calls him Gattu. Nityam gets teary eyes seeing the birthday celebration. He asks who has done this planning.

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