Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th February 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Charulatha telling that her heart and trust was broken so much that her soul didn’t get mukti, and her life stopped and now she will stop everyone’s lives. Everyone is shocked, to see her sitting on the railing and coming down. Badimaa says hey maa durga, and looks shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Charulatha says you all have to die, one by one, and shall settle the scores. Gajendra asks Charulatha to listen to him. Charulatha says lets go, Gajendra and asks him to show his house to his new bride. Reema and Vivaan ask Gajendra not to go with him. Charulatha and Gajendra are climbing the stairs. Charulatha snaps her fingers and makes Giriraj hanging high in air. Giriraj shouts for help. Gajendra says Giriraj. Charulatha asks Simar, what she will do by saving him. Simar says she will not let anything happen to anyone. Charulatha says every night, one family member will die. Gajendra tries to stop Charulatha. Giriraj apologizes to Charulatha, calling her bhabhi. Simar asks Vivaan and Aarav to bring curtain. Charulatha snaps her fingers and makes Giriraj falls down on the floor. Giriraj bleeds and gets head injury. Everyone rushes to him. badimaa cries. Aarav, Vivaan, Reyansh and Gagan take Giriraj from there. Simar asks Charulatha to fight with her, and says she is the shield of everyone. Charulatha says I will see until when you will save your sasural, as I will not leave any chance to destroy them. Badimaa says what is happening in our house, how to get rid of this witch, a big trouble is in our house, how we will save our family now. Simar says until I am the shield of this house, no storm can come.

She hugs Badimaa and sees Masumi locking all the doors and windows with the locks. Reema tells Badimaa and Simar that Papa ji is fine now, and Vivaan has talked to the doctors. They see the doors locked. Reema asks why she is locking our house. She asks Masumi what is she doing? Masumi says she is obeying her mother, and says you all are my mother’s slaves now, her prisoners. Simar says ok and asks her to give the keys, being her friend. Masumi holds her hand angrily and says I am Gunjan also, along with Masumi and it s difficult to trap Gunjan in your talks. She pushes Simar. Reema holds her and asks Masumi how dare you. The key falls down from Masumi’s hand. Simar picks it. Reema asks how dare you? She asks who are you, Masumi and Gunjan. Masumi asks why to tell you. simar says we are their slaves now. masumi goes.

Vivaan feels bad for his father’s condition. Simar tells him that Aarav ji and I will go to meet baba somehow, and asks Vivaan and Reema to take care of everyone here. Aarav says they shall not know that we will take action against them. He hugs Vivaan. Reema says she is very scared. Simar says we have to defeat the time. Vivaan says your dewar will not get weak, Reema and I will handle everything here, asks them to go and meet baba ji. Simar says I have no doubts. They say jai maa durga.

Simar tells Baba that the witch has captivated their house, and made Chacha ji fell down on the floor. She says he has threatened us that she will kill us daily. Aarav says there must be some way. Baba ji closes his eyes and sees a banyan tree, and the witch hairs. He says there is a 1000 years old banyan tree and the chudail’s secret is hidden in its roots. He says you can weaken the witch using its roots. Simar asks which tree. Baba asks her to use his powers to see the tree. Simar sees the tree, and asks what is that chudail, pots and tree. Baba says the chudails stays in the pot. Simar asks where is that tree? Baba says I don’t know. Simar and Aarav ask him to help them. Aarav says don’t know where she has hidden Maa, we have to search her. Baba ji gives them the same tree roots, and tells that his Guru had given him this. He says when you could control the witch, Aditi and Sandhya’s lines and destiny will be back to them. He asks her to use it wisely. Aarav asks what she wants to do? Baba tells that she wants to be immortal by killing 7 persons of your house and by using their blood. She asks them to remember that she is very powerful, and more than that she is very dangerous.

Precap: Charulatha tells everyone that today one person will die. Badimaa warns her not to touch any of her family member. Charulatha says you are elder, I will not refuse me, but if the work is done without touch. She snaps her fingers and makes Simar invisible. Simar finds herself as tiny under the table.

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