Satrangee Sasural 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Satrangee Sasural 31st December 2014 Written Update by Rimjhim

Satrangee Sasural 31st December 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Arushi is overwhelmed to see vihaan’s sincere interest
Vihaan offers to give money to a girl begging, and arushi stops him, asking how can he spoil her, and make her more stuck in this trap. She then tells that girl, that she would rather educate her rather than encourage for her begging. The girl’s education and work is taken care of by vihaan. The girl leaves, while vihaan thanks arushi for showing him the right path. Arushi says that they really make a nie pair, and everytime create magic when they meet. She leaves, while he firmly believes it, smiling.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
While arushi’s mother and mili are talking, as to how the sweater keeps tearing despite many amends. Arushi walks in, and says that she doesnt need to wear this, as she would buy a new one, but Mili says that she wats this one only. Her mother gets down to stitching it. She says that she knows that she doesnt want her to be bothered with new expenditures. The editor calls up arushi, and desperately asks for a meeting, so that they can meet and discuss some things, to both their profit.

As she is working in the room, and he comes and surprises her by asking for food, while she asks if he wont drink. He says that he has decided to leave it, and how drink has altered his life and his thinking, and that he has decided to turn over a new leaf, and promises that he wont drink, and change as a man. She starts smiling, and goes hastily to set the food. After she leaves, he smiles evilly, while getting tensed, when dadaji watches him from his room, sternly. He understnds whats his son is upto. Arushi meanwhile is thinking about her financial crisis, but composes herself, when her mother walks in. They have a light banter and thn arushi leaves, so that her mother doesnt get tensed. But she finds her note book, and is tenseed, that arushi is thinking about the financial problems, and hopes that she gets relieved of all these problems soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are enjoying the cold and chilly weather outside, when mini and priyanka again keep squabbling. Grannny comes and asks for vihaan, and all rush to get him. meanwhile, vihaan is still thinking of ways to propose, and starts practising romantic lines. While vihaan is practising his proposal with the pillow, his bengali mother hears from outside, and is super happy, and goes out to tell it to others. Vihaan meanwhile is stunned and shocked, and scared too. she blabbers it to the other ladies, that he is in love, and that he has selected a girl. The ladies are all shocked to know that he is in love, and annoyed that he didnt tell them, and that the priest was right after all. granny is super tensed. Narmada asks about him, and she says that vihaan was in his room, proposing to the girl, and she herself heard it. Meanwhile, vihaan comes out pretending to be cool, and says that he wants to share someting with them. They wait. Finally, he starts with the word, LOVE, and starts reading out from a blank paper, as if he has written something. They are all tensed, boggled, and happy at the same time. He saysthat he composes after a long tim,e and they are disappointed, but ask who he wrote it for, and if he is in love. He pretends to be shocked, and the bengali lady asks about what he heard. granny reprimands her for creating a mountain out of a molehill. He asks about his poem, and thy resignedly say that it was okay, and how they thought that he is in love, and ask him to think before fallinf for someone, as she would have to measure upto them. He thinks that he got svaed, but wonders how arushi would be saved. While all the ladies are enjoying and dancing, and making merry when a group of youngsters, pass comments on the ladies, as to it not being their age for partying. All the ladies get tensed, while vihaan is enraged. Vihaan is about to answer, but mini stops him and then calls them in, and starts taunting them, with a particular and appropriate reply, and silence the youngsters, saying that celebrations and partying are irrespective of the age, while granny instructs them to have fun with their families. The youngsters understand it, and demand for partying with them, and asks if they too can join in. priyanka gives a fitting reply, but then laughs, and all join in merriment. Then vihaan asks granny to cut the cake, as the countdown finishes, and they have a merry start to the new year, 2015. Vihan again hallucinates arushi, joining them for the celebrations. He starts dancing with her, as if noone exists, by the bonfire. He snaps out of his dream, and smiles, thinking that by the next new year’s they shall be together.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
While vihaan is discussing business with some poeple, girish passes by with his friend, on the bike. He thinks that this is the right time to teach vihaan a lesson, as he humiliated them in the park. He notices an iron rod lying near the roadside, and picks it up, with evil intentions. He progresses towards vihaan. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Granny is allowed in the temple, for a VIP darshan in the temple, but arushi breaks the barricade and stops her, saying that she cant go ahead. Arushi is tensed, while granny is boggled.

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