Shaitani Rasmein 25th June 2024 Written Update

Shaitani Rasmein 25th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shaitani Rasmein 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saudamini saying she has disturbed my sleep and she is sleeping her peacefully. She hides in Nikki’s room seeing Vikram and Yashwant coming there. She sees Nikki getting injuries on her body.

Swarn prabha says Akaal Shatru. Akaal says you have promised to put Swarnprabha on my feet, but you broke your promise. Airawat comes there. The younger soldier asks if you have informed Akaal shatru. Airawat says I am Maharaj Akaal Shatru’s sevak and not yours. They begin fighting. Swarnprabha asks Kadam if he is Senapati. Kadam says he has forgotten the promise made to him, as after meeting Swarnprabha, I have realized the promise of humanity to protect the good. Swarnprabha questions him if he has came to kidnap her and their love and marriage is a part of the conspiracy. Kadam says Akaal Shatru wants to use her power to become immortal. He swears on God and says he has changed, that Kadam was different and this Kadam can give life for her. Akaal shatru attacks them. Nikki is running and gets injuries on her body. Saudamini sees the same injuries appearing on her. She asks Nikki to get up and says I have problem with you, you are Malik’s my precious and I have to find out why this is happening and for what? She thinks she kills Malik then she will be Malik’s precious.

Piyush tells Vikram that it is Nikki’s medicine time. Vikram tells Yashwant that Piyush loves his wife very much. He thinks Saudamini must be hiding somewhere. Piyush sees Nikki’s injuries and calls Sumitra. Saudamini hides and hears them searching Kaal butika to bring back Nikki. She finds Kaal butika’s pouch on the floor and steals it. Piyush says what to do, Maa…this is the last chance to get Nikki back. Saudamini says Nikki shall be in the past, my work will be easy.

Swarnprabha comes infront of Akaal Shatru and says you are cunning and evil. Akaal Shatru says he is the rule of the half of the world. Swarnprabha tells that she will kill him today on her marriage date. Airawat kills the soldier/Kadam’s brother. Kadam gets angry and fights with him. Akaal Shatru says he had heard her stories, but found that she is very foolish.He says he likes her foolishness and will get her for him now. She says you are not a child, but foolish and attempts attacks on him, but he saves himself from her every attack.

Akaal Shatru says you are making my love more deeper. She says you are deepening my hatred for you. Akaal Shatru says Kadam haven’t done any mistake, you are so beautiful, now I want you for me.

Saudamini runs and collides with Yashwant. He helps her get up as she falls. She asks him if he is married, and flirts with him, and runs away. Piyush gets worried for Nikki. Nikki sees Swarnprabha attacking Akaal Shatru and asking him to go to hell.

Precap: Akaal Shatru keeps sword on Kadam’s neck and says if you send me to hell then I will take Kadam along with me. Kadam asks Swarnprabha to kill Akaal Shatru and don’t let their love weaken her.

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