Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 25th June 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nalini serving the food to Aaji. Aaji tries to eat. Nalini feels bad. Aaji says your fav bahu has snatched my eyesight, I won’t let anyone snatch my self respect, I have to get habitual to live in darkness. Nalini goes. Mandira looks on. Aaji catches her hand. Mandira screams and says I was checking if you can’t see. Aaji asks will everyone make fun of me now. She slaps Mandira. She says foolish. Bua scolds Mandira for doubting Aaji. She says its wrong, Mandira. Aaji says you also doubt me. Bua says no, tell me, how many fingers are these. Aaji says I can’t see. Bua says just try to see. Aaji says I can’t see, don’t make fun of me. Bua asks her to have food. She adds chilli powder in the daal. They hide and see. Bua says Mandira, she doesn’t like chilli, so I added chilli in the daal. Shivam thinks of Sajeeri.

He checks the cupboard. He misses her and thinks of their moments. Sajeeri thinks of Shivam and sees their pic. Supriya apologizes to her for the wrong decision. She says that family is diff, I m sorry to get you caged. Aaji eats the chilli and coughs. Nalini comes and gives her water. She says I will send food to your room. She goes. Bua cries and says Aaji turned blind. Mandira stares at Aaji. Nalini says Priya, I lost, I thought to get a diamond for Shivam, I wanted everyone to be proud of my decision, it was my mistake, Sajeeri shouldn’t have gone this way. Priya hugs her. Shivam looks on. Supriya asks Sajeeri to think about herself. Sajeeri asks about Sangeeta. Supriya says she has gone to attend mehendi function. Shivam comes home. He says I have my file in your bag, I have come to take it, and give the clothes. Supriya asks him to come inside. She goes to get a towel for him. Nalini gets food for Shivam. She doesn’t see him in his room. She says he didn’t eat anything since morning. She calls him. She gets his phone. She calls the watchman and asks did you see Shivam going out. He says yes, he took the car. Nalini says fine, where did he go at this time. Shivam and Sajeeri argue. He says its not here, I will look for the file in Aaji’s room, I will go. Supriya asks how will you in rains. Sangeeta comes and says you both here, when did you come, a big tree fell on the road, there is traffic jam, you can’t go now.

They ask Shivam to stay with them. Sajeeri asks how can he stay here, it’s a small house, he won’t get a good sleep here. Shivam says I won’t get peace by fighting the storm, I understood, I will go. He sneezes. Sangeeta says she is foolish, you stay here. Supriya asks him to change clothes. He asks how can I wear saree, I mean there are just ladies here, gents aren’t there. Sajeeri says dad’s clothes will suit you. Nalini says don’t know where did Shivam go. Vikram says Shivam can’t go to Sajeeri. Nalini says where can he go in this storm. Shivam asks is there anything else to wear. Sajeeri asks why. He says I have worn the dress, but it doesn’t look right. He wears the kurta and dhoti. They laugh. He says you can laugh well, its your house. Sajeeri says he looks lovely. Shivam asks where is the washroom, what happened. Sajeeri says its outside. The light goes. Sangeeta goes to get candles. Sajeeri gets a torch and takes Shivam outside the house to the washroom. He gets shocked seeing the washroom.

Aaji asks where did Shivam go. Nalini makes a video call to Sajeeri. Aaji asks what is he doing there. Nalini asks Aai, can you see everything.

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