Sherdil Shergill 27th January 2023 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill 27th January 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sherdil Shergill 27th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raj and Manmeet arguing in front of Bhairav and Murari. Bhairav is surprised seeing their fight. He says we have a meeting, we will go. Manmeet says you should have taken tea, wait, I didn’t even greet dad. Bhairav and Murari rush. Manmeet says you said, dad stopped me at the office intentionally. Raj says yes, watchman called me and informed that he has come. Ajeet and Puneet come home and say we took Anmol with us yesterday, we wanted to give time to Raj and Manmeet. Murari says Raj and Manmeet have a fight, so Bhairav is worried. Puneet says husband and wife do have fights. Bhairav says yes, but they are fighting a lot. Ajeet says they always trouble each other, when I was worried for Manmeet’s marriage, she never liked any guy, but she selected Raj herself, trust me, she will always keep this relation. Bhairav thanks him.

He says I got an assurance, I will leave now. Puneet comes home and asks Raj and Manmeet why were they fighting. Manmeet says no. Puneet asks why did Bhairav came here. Raj says he came to give us flowers. Puneet says he loves you, fathers are such, Ajeet took two years to accept Manmeet and Anmol. Raj says no, he just came to find out if we are happy, anyways, I will go and cook Pulao, tell Puneet whatever dad did yesterday. Manmeet says yes. She tells everything. Puneet says we went to hotel to give you some time, Bhairav came here with flowers after his planning, what’s going on, go away from here for a few days, find a way. Raj comes to the room and says I m tired. Manmeet says there is a work. He asks what now, I have washed the utensils. She says relax, I have a request, just go to the office, I have to go for the site visit, you sign some documents. Raj says yes. Manmeet says I m going out, I will be late. They sleep. Its morning, Puneet instructs Raj. She asks are you listening. He says I have go to office after many days, I m not habitual. Hussain calls Raj. Raj says I will come to office and sign the cheques. Hussain says no, Manmeet will sign, just make me talk to her, there is an imp meeting. Raj says she said she has a site visit. Hussain says no. Raj says Manmeet lied that she has to go to a site visit. Raj gets a call from Manmeet’s phone. The manager says I got this phone in the lobby, if you are her husband, come and pick the phone. Raj says I m coming. He worries.

He meets the manager and asks for Manmeet’s phone. Manager says our guest has the phone. He tells the room number. Raj goes there. He sees Manmeet. He gets mesmerized. She walks to him and says I want to kidnap you today. She pushes him on the bed. She says you tell me that I don’t know romance, I thought to introduce myself to you. Raj smiles and gets surprised. Manmeet says welcome, my dear husband, tonight, just you and me. Raj asks was this your prank, I was so worried, we will do this later, call mummy and Hussain and inform them. She says relax, they were a part of this plan, I wanted to see how much you miss me, how much you love me, you gave me the surprise in office, you celebrated the anniversary with me, I thought to return the favor, so this is your gift. Raj says wow, what a gift, I like it, suspense then thrill, and now just action between us. He lifts her in arms. Tu chaun hai…plays… They romance and get close to each other.

The episode ends

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