Shivshakti 12th November 2023 Written Update

Shivshakti 12th November 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 12th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mainavati asking Lakshmi to take back the saree sent by Mahadev for Parvati. She asks her to tell Mahadev that he has disappointed her, Parvati and her love. She says I could understand that he can’t send beautiful clothes, but Parvati will not wear these clothes. She says I will arrange for my bridal wear and asks Lakshmi to take it back. Lakshmi tells Mainavati that she can’t take it back, as Mahadev ordered her to stay here with this clothes. Parvati thinks this is not Shiv’s stubbornness, but his aim and wonders what is it? Deeti gets an opportunity to provoke Mainavati and tells that everyone is doing so much to make the marriage grand, but Mahadev has made fun of you all by sending this cheap clothes. She says Mahadev should have kept respect of Raja Himavan’s honor. Parvati thinks what is your aim?

The old lady looks for the saree in the temple and says don’t know who has taken my gift, which I kept for Mata. She asks if anyone knows? Mahadev says I know, and the divine light falls on her. He comes to her in the common man’s clothes. The old lady asks if you have taken it, and says surely you had taken it. Shiv asks her not to worry and says your gift is in King Himavan’s palace. The old lady says I had presented it to Mata.

Parvati says she doesn’t know what is Shiv’s aim in this, but he didn’t respect her wish. Mainavati says you will not wear this ordinary clothes and says it is the matter of your father’s honor. Himavan says what people will say? Her friends asks her to wear costly clothes which she has. The guy says don’t know from where Mahadev has brought it. The people asks Parvati not to wear this saree. Parvati says I will keep respect of my parents and the people, and will not wear this. She says but I can’t disrespect Shiv’s gift and tells Mainavati that she will keep the saree near the Shivling. She turns to go, when the old lady comes there and asks Parvati to return her saree. She says I have kept this saree on Shakti peeth. Lakshmi asks the old lady to take anything/wealth, but they can’t return the saree. The old lady greets her and says she has no wealth or knowledge infront of Lakshmi, and says she has just faith, dedication, devotion and has surrendered herself fully to Mahadev. She says I have kept this saree with my devotion and says please return my saree to me. Lakshmi says this is very ordinary, I can give you a lot of wealth and asks her to end her stubbornness. The old lady says she don’t want wealth and just wants gold coins as per the saree weight. Devi Lakshmi grants gold coins to her, on the weighing machine and the saree is kept on the other side, but the sarees weight is more. Lakshmi adds more gold, but the saree is still on the higher scale. Lakshmi says this is impossible and tells that this lady is magical.

Narayan comes there and tells that she is not magical. He says everyone saw that the saree is cheap, has hole and has stitched marks, but nobody saw the emotions, hidden love and dedication behind it. He says the gold coins of this universe can’t be equal to this saree, and says there is a wealth at one side and emotions at the other side, and the emotion is always heavy than wealth. He tells Parvati that Mahadev has stitched one side of the saree. He says Mahadev had said that if the anything is woven with true feelings, sacrifice and trust then nothing will be more precious than this. Parvati recalls thinking to get precious clothes from Mahadev.

She apologizes to the old lady and says I couldn’t see the emotions behind it. She tells that she had asked precious gift from him, but he sent this. She says I thought Shiv has insulted me, but actually he has honored me and my love. She forwards her Pallu and asks then old lady to grant her the saree and make her blessed.

Shiv’s message: Shiv says today is the festival which we celebrate with happiness, as in Tretha yug, Shri Ram had returned to Ayodhya on this day after killing Ravan. He says no auspicious work is done on Amavasya, but the most auspicious festival is celebrated on Amavasya. He says this festival teaches us if your intention is pure and if your efforts are for the benefit of the people, then Amavasya’s black night can be lit up bright.

Episode ends.

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