Shivshakti 24th June 2024 Written Update

Shivshakti 24th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 24th June 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ganesh regaining consciousness and saying when he has his parents’ blessings on him, nothing can happen to him. He says parents’ shadow on children’s head is a big boon for them. Narad says he is speaking truth and chants Jai Ganesh jai Ganesh Deva, Mata Jaki Parvati Pita Mahadeva. Everyone chant along him. Diti hears that and asks Shukracharya if Ganesh regained consciousness. Shukracharya says Ganesh was never unconscious and acted to show the importance of parents to his elder brother Kartikeya and stop him from doing a sin of spoiling Mahishasur’s meditation, he proved that he is his parents’ loyal son.

Narad continues to sing praises for Ganesh and perform his aarti with his parents. Everyone chant along him. Idradev gets jealous and signals Kartikeya. Kartikeya say she can’t back off from his responsibilities and will return only after spoiling Mahishasur’s meditation. Mahadev tells Brahmadev that it’s time to give boon to Mahishasur and signals him to go ahead.

Ganesh walks to Kartikeya and says anger doesn’t look good in his beautiful eyes. Kartikeya warns him to stop his interference and let him go. Ganesh holds his hand and says he, Indradev, and Kartikeya performed their duties diligently, then there is no reason to get angry. He gives moral gyaan to Kartikeya and calms him down.

Mahishasur continues to meditate and chants Om Brahmadevanamaha. Brahmadev emerges and tells Mahishasur that he is impressed with his meditation and asks what he wants as a boon. Mahishasur says he wants him to fulfill his soldiers’ boons first. Soldiers seek that they don’t die during fight. Indradev says it’s an injustice to gods, they can’t kill asur soldiers in that way.

Brahmadev asks Mahishasur to seek anything else except immortality. Mahishasur asks him to give him a boon that neither gods, nor asur, nor yaksh, nor danav, nor kinnar, nor animal, nor aquatic creature kill him. Brahmadev asks him what else and asks him not to blame later that he was wronged. Mahishasur says thathasthu, whoever name he took can’t kill him. Mahishasur laughs and says Brahmadev gave him immortality boon and whoever is left don’t have courage to kill him.

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