Mangal Lakshmi 24th June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 24th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 24th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nidhi does Lakshmi’s makeup. Mangal comes to bring her downstairs. Karthik wonders where is Lakshmi. Sanjana stops him. She says Nidhi is doing her touch-up. She’d go soon. Adit says Karthik married man, how are you? He says alright. He says ever since you married Lakshmi you’ve no time. Now you have your Mangal Bhabhi’s mirror in your house. Karthik says Lakshmi is just like Mangal, very calm, understanding, and without complications. I am very lucky.

Mangal comes upstairs. She says, Lakshmi. She’s shocked. Lakshmi sees her face. She’s happy about the makeup. Mangal says Nidhi you did such good makeup. Mangal says everyone would look at Lakshmi. She says I’ve to put on setting powder. Mangal says okay you bring her downstairs.

Gayatri says to Kusum before people would start talking I thought I should introduce Lakshmi to everyone. Mangal says she’s almost ready. Nidhi got her ready. Nidhi says let’s go. Lakshmi goes to see her face but the light goes off. Nidhi says we should just go. Lakshmi says yes let’s go. Lakshmi comes downstairs. The women say Karthik you should sing for her. Mangal says let me bring her. Sanjana says she’d come. You don’t need to come in between. Adit says Mangal only wants attention. Karthik sings for Lakshmi. Light comes up. Everyone is shocked to see Lakshmi. She has blush all over her face. The guests laugh at her and say is that how people do makeup in their areas? She looks like a ghost. Everyoen mocks her. The reporter asks do we have a fancy dress competition today. Lakshmi asks what happened. Gayatri says you saw her makeup, how did you let her come here? mangal says I saw everything was fine till then. Mangal doesn’t let the media take her photos. Mangal says your makeup. Lakshmi runs upstairs. Karthik asks the media to go.

Sanjana says to Nidhi I am so proud of you. you created such a big drama. Nidhi says I did good makeup in front of Mangal and then did this in the dark. Gayatri says you did her makeup right? Nidhi says yes I did it right. Mangal saw it. You can ask her. You always blame me. I don’t know what she did after that. She must have gotten excited after seeing that expensive makeup. I am not responsible for her stupidity. Karthik goes upstairs. Omesh says Gayatri handles the media.

Lakshmi cries She sees her face in the makeup. She tries to wipe it off. Mangal says Lakshmi don’t cry. Lakshmi says I don’t know how this happened. She says the light went off. But then. She says it’s my fault. I don’t know anything. I did ta ouch-up before coming out. Mangal says don’t lie to me. You can never do that. Lakshmi says everyone is nice to me here. Mangal says swear on my head that you did it. Karthik says she can’t swear.

Scene 2
Lipika and Shanti wonder who did this with Lakshmi. She says we need to partner with that person. Shanti says Lakshmi will never have happiness. Shanti says have some shame. You have a stone heart. You’ve made Lipika like yourself too. Gayatri says to the media we invited you as our family here. Not to insult us. Please drop this news. Don’t worry about the payment. I will make the payment on time. The media says we will get a lot more money on this news. Gayatri says I can give you breaking news in return. Karthik’s new album will be launched in September. They say but it’s not as spicy as her wife’s entry news. Sanjana says I can give you some news. Karthik’s fans want to know about his wife. Gayatri says stop it. She says Karthik can sing a song from his new album exclusively. The report says great idea. GEt our shoot location arranged in Karthik’s family. Gayatri says yes I will arrange it and send you the location. Just drop the news. They agree. Gayatri says to Sanjana, you shameless woman. You only create problems for us. You’re a snake. If one more time you try to do this I won’t forgive you. Stay away from me and my DIL.

Scene 3
Karthik says Lakshmi is lying. She won’t swear. He says what Nidhi did with you? She says Nidhi did my makeup. Mangal saw it as well. Then she said she had to put on a highlighter. She did touch up and then this happened. Karthik goes out in anger. Lakshmi stops him. He says don’t stop me. Lakshmi says no, please. There are guests outside. We should handle it within the house. Mangal says Lakhsmi is right. We should create drama in front of guests. Karthik says she did this with you and you’re still thinking about my family. I am so sorry. Lakshmi says don’t say sorry. I will come in a bit. Mangal hugs Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

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